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I'm thinking about supplementing with formula a bottle a day for my 2 month old. What amount should I give him for the one bottle? And/or should I mix it with breast milk?
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Re: Supplementing amount

  • Why are you supplementing?  That might help answer your question...
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    Why are you supplementing?nbsp; That might help answer your question...

    Honestly I want to see if it will make him a happier baby. My pediatrician suggested altering my diet and I have over the last 5 weeks to no change. He just screams. And a lot of it is gas pain.
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    I had to supplement in he beginning due to jaundice. What I did was nurse and follow that with a bottle. Sometimes she didn't rake any and sometimes a half to whole ounce. When my milk was coming in I felt like she wasn't getting g enough from me and would sometimes give her a bottle to let my supply build up. I would make 2 oz and if she wanted more make 2 oz more. That way I didn't waste as much. Also, I found that the blue similac advanced made my lo gassy. The orange kjnd sensitive was better but her gassiness decreased when I decreased formula. If you start formula make sure to burp after every oz. Maybe my baby is different but she was WAY gassier with formula.w
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