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I've been lurking

Hi All - I've been lurking around both Jan 2014 & Dec 2013 & am deciding to finally do my intro. We're 8 weeks as of today with our 2nd child & due Jan 1st 2014. I'm also a Dec 2011 mom. DS is 17 mo.

Having a Jan 1st Due date we may likely end up a Dec 2013 LO, so that is why I'm lurking both boards :)

Me so far includes LOTS of m/s, but no actual vomiting, always feeling bloated & full, but at the same time starving. Fatigue has been brutal. I didn't experience any symptoms like this with DS, so this is all new territory for me.

So - Hello ladies, congrats to all of you & I wish you all heathy & happy pregnancies!

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