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Survived our first shots

LO had his 2 month appt this morning and survived his first shots. He screamed and had little tears, but settled once we held him and even gave me some smiles and coos on the drive home. So thankful for those! Now he's snoozing away. Snuggles all day for this baby! For those with first shots still to go, you can do it!
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Re: Survived our first shots

  • Thank you for posting this!  My LO has his 2-month appt in about an hour and I'm DREADING it.  Your post put me at ease...a little, anyway. : )
  • Our LO had them yesterday afternoon & things went well.  He was sleepy but no fever or fussiness!  Whew! 


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  • LO had his first two shots last week, he did so good! He cried, but once I held him for a bit got him back in his carrier left he was pretty calm, had a long cuddly nap on me when we got home too.
  • My lo has her's tomorrow and I'm dreading it. I had to take her for bloodwork after she was brought home and I remember how awful that was. Hoping dd does well tomorrow.

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  • DD had hers on the third...I cried more than she did! Can you tell I'm a ftm? Haha. She was a little fussy but her doctor gave me a list of how much baby tylenol I could give based on weight. Ask your doctors about that!
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