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When do you offer solids? 1, 2, 3 hours after a bottle? Cooper gets a bottle every 4 hours so I Simeon offer her breakfast lunch snack and dinner about 2 hours after the bottle but she is hardly eating solids. Two ounces if she's starving and she's really only eaten that much a couple times. We've tried purees and diced food. She eats both and will also eat off our plate but not near enough in my opinion
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Re: Solids

  • With the exception of breakfast, I usually offer solids 1 to 2 hours after a bottle (sometimes there's a snack in between). For breakfast, Dylan gets his solids about a half hour after drinking his bottle because he doesn't stay awake very long before his first nap. I'd rather feed him when he's less cranky :)

    Maybe 2 hours is too long for her and she's not interested because she's cranky? Just a thought.


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  • This is our weekday schedule with the sitters (weekends are generally more flexible)
    6:30 nurse
    8:00 breakfast - usually a greek yogurt pancake
    9:30 bottle before nap
    11:00ish lunch - usually purees, sometimes leftovers of what we had for dinner
    12:30ish bottle before nap
    3:30ish bottle
    5:45 nurse when I get home from work
    6:30 dinner - usually whatever we're having, sometimes puree if we aren'y eating healthy or baby friendly

    IMO though, babies generally eat what they want.  Some kids love solids and some are totally happy with a bottle.  It's right along with all babies hitting milestones at their own pace.  I asked our pedi at the 9M appt if I should be making sure Sadie gets a certain amount of solids, and he said nope, to just keep offering food halfway between bottles/nursing and she'll eat when and what she wants.  The babies are much smarter than we are when it comes to this!


  • For Tristan, he has his morning 8oz bottle, then he's up for about 1.5hrs, naps, after his nap we do his "breakfast" which is around 10ish. Then he gets another 8oz bottle around 2:30-3, down for another nap, then has his "dinner" around 5:30-6, then one more 8oz. bottle before bed.
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    She wakes up at 7. she eats waffles and eggs (or whatever is on menu) with a sippy cup of water.

    then a bottle around 9ish.

    then lunch around 12-1.

    bottle then and probably around 3-4.

    then dinner around 530 maybe with water or formula depending on how much shes already eaten.

    then a bottle around 7. 


  • AJ nurses at 6 breakfast at 8:30 lunch at 12:30 nurses at 1 and 5:30 dinner at 7 nurse at 8:15. Sometimes she nurses motn.

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  • I started giving her meals when I eat rather than timing it based on nursing sessions.  She tends to nurse inbetween meal times anyway - mid-morning, mid-afternoon, before bedtime.  So it works out.

    As for snacks, I play it by ear.  She doesn't have specific snack times.  If she is awake mid-afternoon and has already nursed, I'll offer a little snack like some fruit or cheerios.  If she didn't eat much at one of her meals then I might offer her an extra snack.

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  • Ok well it seems like her schedule is similar to most of y'all's. maybe I'm over thinking and she's eating exactly how much she wants and needs. Thank y'all for your responses
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  • I feed every four hours and offer food with bottle every time.. He gets more for breakfast lunch and dinner and the rest are just small snacks
  • I first breastfeed and after one hour or so I offer solids, she's not taking a lot but still, breastmilk is the primary source when it comes for feeding. You should just make sure she gets enough breastmilk and find the right solids to offer. . I first find it hard to tell which solids were recommended for her and which to avoid, but I found this website http://goodmomming.com/ and it kind of solved my problem. You could use it
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