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Amber teething necklaces

Be they work?  As crunchy granola as I am, I've been too skeptical to try them.  But this poor kid (and this poor mama!).  No one is getting good sleep around here because she wakes up in the middle of the night sobbing, "Teeth!  Teeth!" and she's constantly gnawing on her fingers during the day and telling me her teeth hurt.  We're giving her medicine, but I feel bad just constantly pumping her with drugs.  What say you? 

Re: Amber teething necklaces

  • I thought I saw a difference. He wore them as a baby. I can't get him to leave it on now.
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  • Maybe I'm not leaving it on long enough but I never noticed a difference.

    Do you leave them on for naps and nights? I have always taken them off...?

    I've always dealt with teething using a pain reliever like Baby Motrin but its never more than once in a while.

    For her ear infection though, she was on Motrin around the clock for 2448 hours. That was a doozie!!!


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  • We never tried the teething necklaces, but we did use the homeopathic teething tablets, and they did seem to give him some relief. 

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  • SusieBWSusieBW
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    I've always been skeptical of them, too.  DD's teething has never really been bad enough that I felt like I'd try anything, either (knocking on wood as I type this).  If you're reaching the point where no one is sleeping well, and you feel like your "pumping her with drugs," maybe it's worth a try.  I do think they're awfully cute, and it certainly can't hurt . . .
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  • mnewleemnewlee
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    I honestly saw a difference. Pre necklace (we got it after 4 teeth, I think?) she would wake up during the night while teething. With the necklace she doesn't usually have disrupted sleep and I need to use motrin a lot less.

    What really sold me on amber was buying a necklace for myself. I've had a kink in my left shoulder/neck area for months from lugging her around. I had my necklace on for less than a day and that constant pain was gone. I was seriously shocked it helped so fast. It still flares up from time to time if she's particularly clingy but it isn't constantly painful 

    I leave both of our necklaces on 24/7, just taking them off for baths. 


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  • image MsGrace2003:

    We never tried the teething necklaces, but we did use the homeopathic teething tablets, and they did seem to give him some relief. 

    For what it's worth, we used to use the homeopathic tablets too (and we swore that they helped) but our doctor convinced us to stop. She said that the dosage of the active ingredient is so tiny that there's no way that it could do anything, and that if you did give enough of that ingredient to be effective (like, several bottles worth), it would actually be really dangerous because it's a harmful substance. 

    I've never tried the amber necklaces. I'm pretty skeptical, but I've talked to lots of parents who swear by them. I guess worse case scenario is that she gets to wear a pretty necklace.  

  • I'm one of the parents who will swear by them! There's been a few times DH and I have thought, man he is awfully cranky recently. Then we realize that he's not wearing his necklace, put it back on and shortly after my happy baby is back. The first few teeth weren't horrible, but he did get a low grade fever and was in some pain. Since we got the necklace, I'm always surprised by seeing a new full grown tooth, because I had no clue that he was teething! He wears his 24/7 even bathsoops! he rarely ever touches it, but it he does, we just tell him to leave it alone and he does. Also, I find comfort in knowing my niece pulled on his the other day, and it broke really easy no pain to him and the beads stayed on the string!

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  • T&HLoveT&HLove
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    I think they work. It's hard to get her to wear it lately 
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  • Okay, you guys have convinced me to at least give it a try.  Thanks!
  • Totally. If you want to leave them on at night but don't feel comfortable, they make teething bracelets you can put on the ankle and hide under PJs.
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  • I think it makes a difference, but you can't ever really know, ya know?
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