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Ticker Change Wednesday

Happy Ticker Change Day!

How far along are you?

Any symptoms?

Thought about names yet?
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Re: Ticker Change Wednesday

  • My ticker won't save for me so I need to work on it..
    This is my first post on Jan 2014! Been scared to post because this one is a splendid surprise.

    1. 6 weeks!!!
    2. Very bloated and am regular instead of constipated. My nausea started in the 6th week with my last.
    3. I think we are both still in shock so we will wait until the u/s on the 6th. Names were hard for us last time because we didn't agree on anything.

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  • ena724ena724
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    How far along are you?  5 weeks

    Any symptoms?  tired, sore boobs, and sometimes a little queasy. The lack of symptoms make my PgAL brain crazy.

    Thought about names yet? We like a few girls names, but nothing set it in stone. We haven't discussed boys names too much.

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    Me- 29, moderate to severe endo

    DH-36, perfect!


    04/12~ Clomid+Trigger+ IUI #1= BFP! EDD 1/15/13...m/c at 6w6d

    07/12~Clomid+Trigger+IUI #2= BFN

    10/12~Gonal-f+Lupron+Trigger+IUI #3= Cancelled due to cysts, possible fluid in tube

    01/13~Lap/Hysteroscopy discovered moderate to severe endometriosis

    02/13-04/13~ Lupron therapy for 2 months

    05/13~ IVF #1 or IUI #3 with injects?? Big decisions to make...
  • Hello, 

    I am 8 weeks today! My baby is the size of a raspberry and I have my first appointment tomorrow (I know, more than you asked!)

    Nausea, constipation, sore boobs 

    We have a few names that we are tossing around, but nothing that we are crazy about yet. Our last name is Smith which makes things a little difficult since we need something a bit more unique but we also dont want something weird. 


  • How far along are you?  7 weeks.

    Any symptoms? Off and on nausea, definite exhaustion - particularly in the afternoon - I just want to crawl under my desk and sleep, VERY irritable...last night MH was joking around with me and out of nowhere I said "STOP bothering me" and stomped out of the room.  Quite uncharacteristic - he of course found it hilarious.

    Thought about names yet?  I have a girl name that I've had my heart set on for ages, that MH seems to like also: Claire Elizabeth.  No idea for a boy...we like short and more traditional names - James? Jason? 


    DS1 born 08.02.11

    DS2 born 12.05.13

  • How far along are you? 7 weeks

    Any symptoms? Extremely sick. I started taking vitamin b6 and unisom per doctors instructions. It seems to helping because I was actually able to keep my breakfast down this morning!

    Thought about names yet? If it's a girl she will most likely be Lylah Ann. If it's a boy either Lucas Michael or Ethan Scott.
  • How far along are you? 6 weeks

    Any symptoms? bloat, horrible constipation, backache, thirsty

    Thought about names yet? Girl will probably be Emma- it's always been my name even before it got crazy popular. Boy is a mystery.

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  • How far along are you? 4 weeks..we just found out this weekend that our 2nd IUI worked! Both betas have come back sttrong and we have our first u/s on 6/3

    Any symptoms? bloat, backache, nausea and constantly hungry!

    Thought about names yet? I think we are pretty set on a girl name (for now) but we are struggling with boys


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    5/07 - DD conceived naturally cycle #1

    8/09 - Started TTC #2
    11/10 - BFP!
    12/10 - MC (Chemical Pregnancy)
    2/11 - IUI #1 with clomid & trigger = BFN
    5/11- Switched to a Fertility Specialist, Dx with low progesterone and annovulatory, several rounds of
             clomid = BFN's
    4/12 - Exploratory Lap, Dx Stage III endo
    5/12 - 7/12 - Lupron injections to suppress AF and reduce scar tissue
    8/12 - Surgery to remove tissue, uterus and tubes clear!
    9/12-12/12 - More BFN's!
    1/13 - Referred to an RE
    2/13 - IUI #1 with injects and new RE = BFN
    3/13 - 4/13 - Break due to cysts
    5/13 - IUI #2 with injects (125ml bravelle + trigger) = BFP!!!
    EDD - 1/23/14


  • Happy Ticker Change Day!

    How far along are you? 5 weeks

    Any symptoms? Exhaustion. Like crazy.

    Thought about names yet? Yup I have my current favourite girl names but I am sure they will change as we progress and find out the sex and all. Top contenders are Jillian Rose and Amelia Jane.
    TTC since July 2012
    BFP Dec 11 2012 - EDD Aug 27 2012 - CP Dec 15 2012


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  • ashdayashday
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    image Kathy4678:
    Happy Ticker Change Day!

    How far along are you? 8 wks today

    Any symptoms? periodic nausea, wolf like nose, periodic braxton hicks if I push myself too hard, and lots of peeing.

    Thought about names yet? Zoe Adele for a girl and no idea for a boy.

    I need to change my ticker... I tried last time I was on but it wasn't letting me save it... grr. Guess I'll try it again!


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