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'Minimalist' prenatal visits - Anyone else?

It seems like everyone has had growth ultrasounds and lots of tests done throughout and at the end of pregnancy. Which I totally get if you're high risk.

Just like with my first, I only had one fetal ultrasound during this pregnancy - Only the anatomy scan. I've had my cervix checked past 3 visits but before that, I didn't have a single pelvic exam through the entire pregnancy. I basically have weight & BP measured, pee in a cup, ask my doc (now midwife) and questions I have, she listens to the heartbeat and I go home. 

On one hand, I feel like a later ultrasound would have been nice and comforting to see no problems... But I am also happy because I'm not worried about Baby's size (in either direction) or anything else that could just be nothing.

Anyone else just kind of going along with the bare minimum? :) 

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Re: 'Minimalist' prenatal visits - Anyone else?

  • I wish...sounds great - you are lucky!!
  • That's how my doctors appointments were...until i was put in the high risk category, with GD and then with the growth ultrasound discovered i was also high risk for PTL.

  • I am just 35, so the doctors does an u/s monthly because i'm technically high risk.  Other than that, my OB treats me normally.  It's nice.  i get the benefit of checking out the babe and not really having to do anything else.  I did have to start NST at my 32 week visit, but other than that, no cervical checks yet and it's just weight and BP for me.  I don't start peeing in a cup again until 36 weeks unless i have a UTI symptom.  My health insurance is high deductible, and we've met the deduction for the year, so i pay nothing for the rest of 2013.  :)  

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  • Yes except for a 3D ultrasound (where baby was uncooperative anyway) my visits have pretty much been like this. 
  • Yup.  Had a pelvic exam the first time, chose to do 1st tri screening, had the a/s and GD test, other than that, it's just weight, BP, and heartbeat.
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  • eh, this is my 3rd and each one has been different.  I will probably not have ANY internals with this one since it's a scheduled section and really, I have no questions.  I pee in a cup and get weight and bp done and leave.  My appointments take about 5 min total. I did have a couple early u/s since my babies are all IVF.  We do the NT scan and blood, and I did the GD test.  I was a practice model for sonogram students at our local community college but their numbers were so far off it was laughable.  It's just the way it is, nothing special about having simple appointments or anything.  I'm 38 and not treated as high risk as I'm not.


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  • Yes, most of my doctors are very good and I don't mind because they are efficient, but one of them cannot even be bothered to remember what week I'm on which is really, really annoying and she runs extremely late.
  • Im 37 weeks 3days and i have had the anatomy scan and one other ultrasound at 12 weeks that was literally 5 minutes for genertic screeening purposes. I have had one pelvic exam and absolutely no other testing besides the strep b swab. I feel concernd at times because i feel like i dont know whats going on in there, maybe thats why i want this baby to come out now! Even after 6 hours of contractions 10 minutes apart my docotor still didnt do a pelvic exam when i went yesterday. Just BP, pee in a cup and weight. Im a nurse and its killing me not knowing every medical dedtail (like how dilated or effaced i am now)!! 

  • I feel ya, my appointments are like 5 min long and they barely tell me any info
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  • Yep, mine have been like that with both pregnancies. With this one we got a dating ultrasound because it was a surprise and we weren't sure when we got pregnant. ;)

    First one we only got the 20 week ultrasound.

    I've never had a pelvic exam except during labour.

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  • My visits are minimal also but I don't mind. I am 38 years old but not considered high risk. I only did the 20 week US, diabetes test but no internal exams since my first visit and no genetic testing. During my visits lately my hospital-based midwife and nurses:

    • Check weight and blood pressure.
    • Check heartbeat with doppler
    • Measure my belly and feel for position of baby
    • Answer my questions and talk about birth plan stuff

    At my 36-week visit I am going to get the strep b test. I am going to ask if she plans to check my cervix going forward but I am not sure. Because of my age I can opt to have more ultrasounds because of the higher risk of still birth but I don't plan to do that unless I experience reduced fetal movement.

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  • I've been the same way. This is my first baby, so I didn't go in to see my doctor until 8 wks 4 days where they did an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. I opted out of the amnio testing and have only done my glucose/group B testing with one ultrasound at 20 wks. Every other apt has been weight/urine/blood pressure/baby heartrate. No internals or anything else and there's been no mention of internal exam yet. I'll be headed to my 37 wk apt tomorrow, so that may change but so far, it's been minimal throughout.
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  • sctigersctiger
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    My visits have been pretty minimal- pee in a cup, weight, BP, belly measurement, ask questions if I have any.  My OB's office doesn't do third tri u/s unless there is a suspected problem.  I was seeing an RE before I got pregnant, so I did have more early u/s and I did the NT scan, but I haven't had an u/s since mid January.
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  • That's pretty much how it goes at my doc's office too.
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  • I don't even have to pee in a cup at every appointment. I'm doing a Centering Pregnancy group visit thing at the MW practice at my hospital. Every visit we do weight, BP, fundal height, Doppler to get the HB. This last appointment they poked me a bit to tell that she's head down.

    I like not having to pee in a cup or get blood draws or have anyone stick fingers in my genitals. Pregnancy is a pretty normal biological process so as long as you've got your eye on any warning signs a low risk pg doesn't need to be monitored like a deadly disease. My MW will send people for growth ultrasounds if their fundal height has been off etc, send you for tests of this or that if you're having troubling symptoms. But otherwise its pretty low maintenance.
  • I don't even pee in a cup. It's weight, blood pressure, heartbeat, see you in 2 weeks!
  • That's pretty standard for a normal pregnancy. I had one ultrasound last time and pelvic/cervical checks until 40 weeks. This time I had two ultrasound, because they needed to check and see if the placenta moved away from my cervix and a cervical check at 39, at my request.

    What you're doing isn't minimal, it's normal! Youre one of the lucky ones who doesn't need extra testing because everything is progressing okay.
  • Sounds about right. I've had 2 medical ultrasounds: NT scan at 12 weeks and anatomy scan at 19 weeks. Up until week 24, I had a 30 second sonogram to check for size. Now, I get a fundal measurement and heartbeat on a Doppler. I take it as a good sign, that all is well with LO.
  • To be up front with you I am very very thankful that I don't have to worry about growth ultrasounds (growth restriction) or any worries that require extra scans or attention. Bare minimum means less worry to me. 

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    That's pretty standard for a normal pregnancy. I had one ultrasound last time and pelvic/cervical checks until 40 weeks. This time I had two ultrasound, because they needed to check and see if the placenta moved away from my cervix and a cervical check at 39, at my request. What you're doing isn't minimal, it's normal! Youre one of the lucky ones who doesn't need extra testing because everything is progressing okay.

    I agree with this. It sounds fairly normal rather than minimal. With my first two this is pretty much how it went other than having the NT screen which I choose to have. I think that's pretty much all most women have.

    With this pregnancy I have had so much more due to issues that needed to be watched.

    Maybe it seems to you like others are having so much more done because women needing more tests might have more questions while women who have the usual/minimal testing don't usually post to say I only had minimal/usual testing.

  • Yep, mine are the same..Had one ultrasound at 20 weeks..pee in a cup and BP and heartbeat..Had GD test and now pelvic exams weekly. I don't mind the minimum as long as baby J is doing well! :) Dr's are really reliable and willing to answer any questions I have. I am pleased.
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  • Yep, my appointments have been uneventful which is ideal. I could care less how dilated I am. What the baby is measuring like, etc. More often than not it doesn't offer peace of mind but brings on questions and concerns. It's unnecessary and frankly I rather not be bombarded with it prior because it may or may not change the outcome. I'm just concerned if baby will be in the right position come time to deliver, and they can tell without doing any tests.
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  • Mine are!  Pee in cup, bp check, weight check....wait for doctor.   She will listen to heartbeat and just now started to measure the belly as well as feel around.  Answer any questions I have, go over anything that will be coming up and that is it.  I feel like I'm in the Waiting Room longer than I am in the back but as long as nothing concerns my doctor's, I'm fine with it.  I have only had two ultrasounds as well (unless we opt to do a 3d/4d soon).
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    Yup. My OB is very hands off as long as the pregnancy is not high risk in any way. He does not do internal cervix checks until 39w, either. I wouldn't have it any other way unless medically necessary.
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  • I'm low risk and my visits are just like yours.  I had two ultrasounds (one at 8 weeks and one at 20), but besides how cool it is to see the baby I would have preferred not to have the later one because I had to pay for it out of pocket!  

    The fewer tests and interventions, the better.  If my doctor has no reason to suspect that anything is wrong, then I am very thankful that all I have to do is pee in a cup and get my blood pressure taken. 

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  • Exactly the same here!  I had my 20 week ultrasound, and that's it for scans.  Each appointment is "pee in a cup, blood pressure, listen to heartbeat, ask questions, leave."

    Part of the reason I love my doc so much is that he is so "hands off" for non high risk pregnancies.  He told me at my first appointment that my body knows what to do, so he doesn't like to interfere too much unless there are issues.  I've had a few issues with contractions around 21 weeks and some bleeding around 13 weeks, and was seen basically immediately both times.  As long as I'm fine though, it's just the standard stuff.

  • Minimalist wasn't the right word. (I actually think peeing in a cup at EVERY visit is excessive.) I just meant compared to those who seem to have had multiple growth ultrasounds (or multiple ultrasounds in general). Also didn't mean to insult anyone. Obviously what I called the "bare minimum" is more than some people are fortunate enough to get in some places.
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  • Sounds exactly like the care I receive. I sought out a physician who was known for being noninvasive and couldn't be happier. 
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  • image Allie429:
    I feel like I'm in the Waiting Room longer than I am in the back 

    Me too!  I think that every time! 

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