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Didn't think about that

We have talked about traits we did and did not want our LOs to inherit from us; has anyone noticed a trait in LO you didn't think about? DD sweats a lot! Unfortunately, she gets that from me! Poor thing! Also, she has a little dimple when she smiles just like DH! So cute! Both are things I never considered,but she got them! 
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Re: Didn't think about that

  • leasajleasaj
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    Our LO sleeps like her daddy....arm over her head. Hubby was so excited when he saw that. She is stubborn already...this she gets from me.
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  • JNB0416JNB0416
    "Sandal Toe"... Just like her mama, DD has a big gap between her big toe and the next toe. So funny to see it in miniature size!
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  • She always sneezes twice in a row and hates being cold, like me. She sleeps like her dad with her mouth wide open and also seems to have his temperament when it comes to anything she doesn't like. None of these are things I would have considered, but it's funny to see them in her.

  • Regan has my birthmarks. Exactly the same. Big red triangle on his forehead, down over his nose and above his upper lip. On the back of his head, and across his lower back. The ones on my face have faded, now you can only see them when I'm really hot or really mad. Hopefully his will fade super early like mine did.
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  • Both got daddies nice dark completion. I don't know why I didn't think they would have this. Dad isn't dark by any means but has the awesome ability to tan well. They both got his dimples which I was hoping they would. And they have brown hair...I assumed they would be blonde like me and eventually darken up over time.
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  • She's really hairy ("just like mommy" as DH keeps reminding me). Poor kid. I told him we should go ahead and start laser hair removal now... ;) i kid i kid.

  • Both kids have hair on their body like us.

    I assumed both my kids would have dark hair like me. My son has light brown and our lady is appearing blonde at the moment.
  • LO has the exact same webbed toes on both feet as his daddy (the second and third toes). So funny to see them on such small feet.
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  • image JNB0416:
    "Sandal Toe"... Just like her mama, DD has a big gap between her big toe and the next toe. So funny to see it in miniature size!

    Haha! Our LO has this too! We even caught a gleimpse of her lil sandal toe on her ultrasound.

    DD also sneezes 2x in a row like my DH and I both do

    She also has the same birthmarks as I do on the back of her neck.

    She has both of our huge feet, there was no escaping that!



  • DD sneezes 3xs like me. Baby sneezes are so cute! She also has my feet, like PPs have said.
    She has A LOT of the same facial expressions as DH, especially when sleeping. I'll look over at him and think "oh, that's where she gets that!" She's his minime, it is pretty adorable!
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  • jenneryjennery
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    She stretches just like me when she wakes up, and it's funny because my mother said she stretches the same way too! ODD!
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  • She picks her moments to sleep through things, but most times she's a light sleeper (like me), and a furnace (like FI). Poor baby! She also got his cleft chin but it's oh so adorable on them both (and his tush, haha). AND SHE GOT MY BIRTHMARK ON HER BUTT! I was pretty dang excited when I changed her diaper and saw that!
  • DD has crazy monkey toes like my husband, in that they both can stretch them and fan them out in all directions haha. She was also born with tons of brown hair, which surprised me, since DH already has thinning hair. Apparently he was born with tons of hair too, but I didn't know. We don't have a great relationship with his mom, so I haven't seen baby pics of DH. I just assumed DD would be bald like me and then have my thick hair later in life!
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  • In the looks department my little man takes after me in so many ways. However he did get his dads lack of a rear end which makes fitting diapers a bit difficult. He also has some of the funniest facial expressions which I'm told take after me.
  • He has my weird, big feet and hands but other than that looks completely like Jason. His mannerisms however are more like me. He even yawns and stretches like me.

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  • Both our girls are blue eyed. We both have greenyhazel eyes and never for a second expected blue eyes beauties!
    Nellie stretches like me when she wakes. Norah has all of my impatience and short temperedness and more!
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  • Mine got my huge feet, crooked nose and constant hiccups! (I was dubbed "hiccup champion" by my third grade teacher, lol :) I was most surprised by all the hiccups, she got them 2-3x a day in her last few weeks in my belly
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  • My LO looks most like my husband, which I love. He is adopted and doesn't look like anyone in his family, so I am glad she looks like him so he finally has a little someone that looks like him. She also got being tongue tied from him as well. She got my sisters "elf" ears. They come to a point at the top. lol She has my blonde hair and always sleeps with her arms up above her head like I do.

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