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Freezing breast milk..

I started pumping around a week and a half and have a pretty big stock pile going in the spare freezer although I don't know how much I should be freezing in each bag? At first it was 2 to 3 oz bc that's all I was having extra but now I can freeze aprox 25 oz a day I have been doing 5 oz bags but not sure if that's a good amount or should I do less? This milk is for when he is older so I can stop breast feeding and use my stored milk. What increments are you girls freezing your extra milk in?

Re: Freezing breast milk..

  • I started freezing in increments of 2oz. Then increased to 4oz. However, he doesn't always finish the bottle if it's 4oz, so I dropped down to 3oz and that seems to be working well!
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  • I do a 5 oz bag, then a 2 and a 3, then a 5... And just keep alternating. That way I have the big ones to save on bags, but have the smaller ones for topping him off and such.
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  • I tend to just freeze whatever I pump. Anywhere between 3-5  oz per bag. I only pump 3 times a day and nurse the rest of the day. Its more so FI has a stash for my return to work which hopefully he will only  need to feed him a bottle 2 times as Ill be coming home at lunch time to feed him.
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