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Nipple confusion & pacifiers

I know in an earlier post most people said that the pacifier did not cause nipple confusion, but wanted to hear from anyone who may have had the opposite experience.  We gave him a pacifier a little bit after 2 weeks and the past couple of days he has been having trouble latching and crying at the breast.  

Not sure if these things are related, but it is a little frustrating as I have to feed him even more often since he is not eating for long as he spits out the nipple.  We haven't fed him with a bottle, it has just been the pacifier that was introduced.

We stopped using the pacifier today and are going to see what happens, but wanted to know if anyone else experienced this or if it is indeed nipple confusion or just a normal fussy baby reaction. 

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Re: Nipple confusion & pacifiers

  • I haven't had any nipple confusion and we've introduced pacifier, bottles and breast. He takes all three just fine, either my lil dude isn't picky or adding different nipple shapes affects every baby differently.
    Hope it gets better!
  • I can't see how old your LO is because I'm mobile bumping, but sometimes my LO is fussy at the breast during growth spurts or when over tired.
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  • Sorry cant give you the answer you asked for but wanted to answer. We have used pacifiers since day 2 but used many different brands and kinds. We also had to start bottles in week 2 because of weight an supply issues. I was scared I confusion or even her choosing bottle over breast but so far no issues.


  • I'm sure someone here must have experienced nipple confusion but its almost more an overblown fear. My pedi said in his entire career, he has seen 2 cases of true nipple confusion and that the fear shouldn't prevent you from utilizing bottles or pacifiers when It makes your life easier.
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  • I had a similar experience as we introduced both a bottle and a pacifier around week 3, at that point however we were also a little concerned about weight gain.  After seeing a LC, I did away with the nipple shield I had been using and I think our LO definitely struggled with a little confusion, but I would say only for a few days at most and then he figured it out and he balances everything like a champ now. I hope this helps a little.  :)

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