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Placenta Encapsulation Question

For those who did this or are planning on doing it, did you decide on the raw method or the Chinese method, and why? I'm leaning toward raw, but wanted to hear from others on their preferences and experiences.



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    I am planning on doing it this time around and the person I am hiring uses the Chinese method.  Her reasoning behind this is while with the raw method moms report a higher burst of energy initially after the capsules are taken, this can sometimes lead to a new mom overdoing it and being too active when she should still be taking it easy and recovering.  She feels the Chinese method offers a more "slow and steady" building of energy.  Also because the steaming process used in the Chinese method helps to kill off any bacteria (remember the placenta passes through the birth canal where it can be exposed to bacteria, including fecal matter).

    This is my first time doing this so I'm not trying to say one method is bad and another is good, just wanted to offer the reasons why the person I am hiring chooses the Chinese method.  For what it's worth, she will do the raw method for those who specifically request it. 

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  • I did the TCM form.  Like the PP poster I liked that the placenta was steamed which helps kill any bacteria that is has been exposed to during or after birth.I thought my pills were great and I would definitely do it again with the next one.
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    I did the TCM method too but less out of the fear of bacteria and more to do with the eww factor of eating raw placenta pieces. I'm all about consuming the placenta for the incredible health benefits but placenta smoothie or just eating chunks totally freaked me out, so neat little pills that I could swallow were a better fit for me.

    The placenta smoothies usually have strawberries in them so theoretically you cannot see/taste the placenta because the strawberry covers it up. Its all in my head lol 

    The raw method is still encapsulated, it is just not steamed before it is dehydrated. The place that I found does the Chinese method so that is probably what I would go with because that is the only lady I found within 3 hours of me that will do encapsulation.

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  • JJ_13JJ_13
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    Another vote for TCM here. I liked the fact that my person added healing herbs during the steaming process. I did a lot of acupuncture and other alternative treatments during my fertility battle and the TCM just resonated with me. I didn't really think about the bacteria issue, but the other posters bring up a good point as to that as well.

    I loved my pills. I still have some in the freezer and plan to use them when AF returns. If I have more left over, my lady can turn it into a tincture that will last me until menopause! DH calls it the gift that keeps on giving. :)

  • Thanks all for the feedback. I'm going to keep doing research. I don't have much time so I'm going to have to decide pretty soon.


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  • I am an encapsulator, and if you go the TCM route, make sure you are seeing a TCM practitioner to have the correct herbs prescribed for you and your health history.  A majority of encapsulators use the lemon, pepper, ginger method and well that is fine for a good portion of women, most would benefit more from a personalized herb mix.  And the PP is correct.  Raw is still encapsulated, it is just the steaming process that is skipped.  The placenta is still dehydrated either in a dehydrator or the oven.
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  • I chose raw encapsulation, as it seemed as close to natural as possible without going the raw/smoothie route, which I just wasn't sure I could keep up with. If we have any more kids, I would also like to have some of it tinctured to last longer (PMS, menopause, etc.) I LOVED the capsules and still have a few hoarded in the freezer for days when I need it. My cycle has somewhat returned and I about collapsed when DS suggested that I should take some placenta to help me. The man is a believer now!
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