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Speaking of paranoid

My newest paranoia is dogs when I take the babies for walks. Last month two chihuahuas came running at us, nipping my ankles and trying to jump into the stroller. They're little but I was still worried. I don't do well with animals especially when I don't know how they'll act. The owner was right there though and called them back... No apologies though. Whatever. Then I went for a walk on the public trails and there was a German Shepard just walking around. The owner didn't seem to care or obey the leash sign. Luckily the dog kept to itself. THEN a couple weeks ago just a block from my house a woman was walking her 18 month old and a bull mastiff came running at her and tried to get to the baby. Her and another woman lifted the baby stroller over their heads and the dog was still trying to get her legs! A man ended up tying up the dog while getting bit a few times. Once tied up the dog kept trying to get loose to go after the baby and people standing by pulled the rope and unfortunately the dog died. But this terrified me! This was in the downtown nice busy area of my town.. What if it happened while I was on the trails where there aren't many people to help? And I sure as hell can't lift my DSNG over my head! I know most dogs are leashed or are more well behaved but I get so nervous around them never mind when I'm with my babies.

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    I totally worry about that too. There are parts of my small town I don't walk because I've had pitbulls bolt from their yard and come after me. We've had a lot of fatal pitbull attacks in so cal in the last few years. I was scared enough when it was just me, but add the girls and I'm downright paranoid.

    I am paranoid too. The neighbors behind us have 2 pitbulls and 2 boxers that like to try to jump the wall between us. I alway take the boys back inside when I see the dogs paws on the top of the wall.

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  • Carry wasp spray with you.  I saw on the news that wasp spray is even better than pepper spray because it has a long reach, will basically blind an assailant, and won't harm you in the process if you don't wait until they are on you to use it.  Would work great for scary dogs too... 



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  • Don't worry about your baby, worry about the dog who is stupid enough to attack. You will shock yourself at how strong you become when you need to protect your little one. Think of the scene in Roadhouse when Patrick Swayze rips that guys throat out.
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  • wow that is scary!  I guess I'm lucky enough to live in a province with a pitbull ban but really you never know what a dog might do.
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  • Shoot, I don't see how that's paranoia. You're a mother of twin infants and the real danger of random dog attacks has already presented itself to you. Not trying to scare you, but I think you're 100% justified for being nervous when taking walks.  

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    I feel the same way about dogs! There's one dog in our neighborhood that just wanders around freely. I have no idea who the owners are but it really bothers me! I hate when I see it out walking. I turn and take DS in the other direction. :P


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