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Trust your instincts!

I have always been one to listen to my instincts when something just didn't seem right, but this time I failed myself. I don't know if it was the lack of sleep/food/shower that made me second guess myself, but its something that will not happen again.  My child suffered because I didn't trust myself.  

Long story short, if you think you are having issues breastfeeding see a LC immediately! It is so worth any amount of money you may have to spend to see one. My LO is no longer starving!

Here is the long story: I knew something was off around the 5th day home. LO didn't seem as calm as he did in the hospital and was super cranky.  I never got the feeling of milk coming in that everyone said I would feel, but I have always been different when it comes to what they say will happen to your body medically.  We went to our first peds appointment and he had maintained his weight from the hospital, which the ped said was normal as it had only been 4 days since being discharged. However, if he hadn't gained any weight by the next week we needed to do more digging.  I knew something wasn't right, but I did nothing because I told myself that it was just first time mom nerves and everything was fine.  

 Today we go to our 2 week appointment and LO has lost weight. Not a scary amount of weight, but he has now lost 10% of his birth weight.  My heart just sank, because I knew last week that something was wrong, yet I did nothing.  We immediately went to see a Lactation Consultant for a weighed feeding and for help.  LO has a great latch, but come to find out I have a really low milk supply and LO was basically starving.  For todays feeding, he only ate 20 ml which is less than an ounce from both breasts total!  

We are now supplementing through a Kangaroo tube so LO is getting the calories he needs, but we are still stimulating my breasts to make more milk.  Without her help, I probably would have just gave up and started only formula feeding.  

BFP 8/31/2012 EDD 5/11/2013 Owen born 5/6/2013!


Re: Trust your instincts!

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