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I've recently become paranoid about being home alone with DS. Like, I'm afraid someone's going to harm us or try to break into the house or something. It's really weird because I was never like this before. I kinda loved being home alone. I'm not liking this feeling, like something bad is going to happen.

What's wrong with me?
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Re: Paranoid

  • Nothing. I was convinced the other night someone was going to break in for some reason. The next morning I found that DH left his keys in the door all night!!! Didn't make me feel better!
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  • I've become really paranoid about cars driving slowly by me when I'm out walking with DD... like they're going to snatch her out of the stroller and speed away. Being a mom makes everyone crazy, I guess.

  • I have always been terrified of this. Even as a little kid I remember being so scared of robbers and fires. If you let those thoughts consume you though, you will go absolutely crazy. But I do sleep with a knife in my nightstand lol
  • Nothing is wrong, you just had a baby is all!  :)  My DH started working nights again and by the end of the night all the lights in the house are left on!  I'm so glad we have a big dog with a big dog bark too. 



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  • Nothing. I also got super super paranoid about this kind of thing once I had kids, particularly home invasion scenarios.  I seriously have a whole plan on how DH and I will handle this.  DH thinks I'm nuts.  I'm just like "whatever.  your a$$ better get DS1 and be climbing out his bedroom window when the time comes!"  

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  • I think the paranoia comes with the territory. I suddenly worry and care about all kinds of potential dangers that I couldn't have cared less about pre-baby. 
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  • Well this makes me feel better. I was getting a little worried that I had PPA or something. I talked to my sister and she said "that's what happens when you have a kid". I asked her when it ends and she said "you know how mom randomly calls and asks how your doing? It NEVER ends!". Great.
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