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DIY Pumping bra success

I can't remember where I read it, but someone, somewhere was talking about making your own pumping bra and what to do about nursing pads. Wear them under the holes cut in the sports bra (though some said the pads would start to pull through the holes), change bras to pump, etc. I planned on using ones of my sports bras from Target to make my own pumping bra and realized there are two layers of fabric. I cut the inner layer along the bottom band so it could lift and then cut the holes in the outer layer. This way I can where it all day and not have to worry about the pads, as they just get stuck to the inner layer which I lift to pump. I'm not usually this clever, so I'm pretty psyched. Haha.


Re: DIY Pumping bra success

  • I did this as well when I pumped! Except my boobs had gotten so big that the sports bra was wayyyy too tight and I ended up with mastitis and clogged ducts. Oops. But I loved having the hands free option without paying a fortune!
  • The double layer thing is smart, very crafty! I made a DIY one but I would have to change into it every time I pumped which wAs annoying, so I shelled out the 30 bucks for the zip up kind.
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