When did you start feeling better?

With DD I had light nausea for about 2 weeks, then I felt great.

This pregnancy is giving me a run for my money. All day nausea since 6 weeks (no vomitting thank God). The last two days it hasn't been all day nausea just a "I just don't feel good" feeling. Will I at some point feel back to myself or is that impossible with a twin pregnancy?

We leave for vacation on Saturday and will be doing Disneyland next week so I'm hoping I'll feel good that day.




Re: When did you start feeling better?

  • Well, I guess I should start by saying that "everyone is different" so even though it wasn't my experience, yours may be entirely different.  That being said, my nausea lasted for AWHILE.  I never experienced it with my previous 2 pregnancies (maybe just the "I just don't feel good" feeling) so the way I was feeling this time around was a complete 180 from the other two.  I was also tired beyond belief for the longest time, too.  I think I was feeling better, sick-wise, around 14-16 weeks and it was definitely at least 16 weeks before I felt okay to walk around and didn't feel like I was a zombie!  Lol.  Again though, you may have a completely different experience.  I'm feeling pretty good right now and I'm at 21w tomorrow.  Have a great vacation!!!  :-)
  • Well, I was vomiting until 37 weeks, but I think this is very rare.  It will definitely get better, though.  (Even for me it was less and less every week.)  Be patient!
  • Like PP said, everyone is different. I threw up every day for 4 months. It stopped for a few months and then started for the last 2. I was puking the night before my csection. BUT I think those last 2 months was due to heartburn more than anything. I felt awesome when I wasn't nauseous though! Get sea bands just in case those really helped me!
  • Well Ill give ya hope. I could a one point tell you exactly how many times I have thrown up and they could all be counted on one hand. I would say I made it to 14 weeks or so before the "just feeling crummy" thing went away. But I would not say I suffered from morning sickness.
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    Everyone is definitely different, but there is hope! I felt crummy the first trimester and as soon as the second trimester hit and even now at 31.5 weeks I feel great! Lots of energy and no nausea or crummy feeling. Hope you get to feeling better soon and can enjoy your vacation!
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  • I'm at 17 weeks today and I feel much better! I started to notice the vomit and exhaustion fog lifting around 15.5 weeks or so and now I feel like a different person. The aches have started settling in a little but I'll take those over begin sick and tired all the time. There is hope!
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    Ha! Those double pregnancy hirmones were horrible. Severe hyperemesis from 5 to 24 weeks. Worst thing ever. So you just never know when it will end. GL!
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  • Like others have said, everyone is different. I started to feel better around the start of second tri. By 16 weeks I felt really good and did until the end of the pregnancy when I was huge and uncomfortable.
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  • I started to feel better about 22 to 23 weeks, hope you enjoy your trip!
  • I am 17 weeks now and just starting to feel a little better, although still nowhere near my normal self.  I had the all-day nausea but very little vomiting from about week 7 - 14.  Then, the nausea started getting a little better only to be replaced by terrible headaches almost daily, and increasing congestion and achey back and joints.  My energy is just starting to slowly return but I am still wiped out by the end of my not very strenuous day. 


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  • I'm only a little bit ahead of you (10w5d), and I've been feeling a little better this week.  That's relative, because for me that means I haven't taken zofran in a couple of days, and I'm not vomiting or having severe nausea, but I still don't feel great.  I hope you continue to feel better and can enjoy your trip!
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  • My break from feeling like crap came at about 17 weeks.  I got about 6 weeks of feeling good and then started feeling crummy again. 
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    I stopped m/s around 16/17 weeks. I have felt crummy since the beginning and the exhaustion is worse in 2nd tri than in 1st. Everyone is different, though. I hope you feel back to yourself very soon!
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