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Spit up

DS spits up a ton.   I thought maybe it was reflux but he is never uncomfortable or in pain hes totally fine. also hes gaining weight like a champ so the pedi isnt worried. my question is-when will it slow down? the doctor said it may get worse before it gets better once he starts rolling over and putting pressure on his belly etc. we go through 3 outfits a day and multiple bibs/burp clothes. ugh! as long as he feels fine, im ok with it-its more annoying than anything else.

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  • It IS reflux, it's just not painful, which is great.  Our ped said it might go away when she starts sitting up, but other places say 1 year.  It's gotten a little better for us from what it was at 2 to now at 4 months.  Propping up is key.  We don't change her unless she's soaked...  DD has enough clothes, and I don't mind...DH and I, on the other hand, need to shop, since we don't have nearly the wardrobe and we change our own shirts and pants as often...
  • Ugh one of my boys is the same! He spits up with a smile at least 3 times every feeding. And sometimes an hour later. He is just constantly dribbling out spit and drool and formula it's ridiculous. He seems fine it's just a pain to keep cleaning him, us and whatever furniture he got it on!
  • We're in the same boat. My pedi said it usually starts to improve around 6 months. Basicially, when they can sit up and ate eating solids. I know that it usually completely goes away by a year.
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    My son is a barf king too! :P Sunday we had a naming ceremony/baby dedication here for him and of course he had a big spit right in the middle of it!


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  • DD does the same thing! I have officially have up on burp cloths... I've bought receiving blankets reserved just for spit up :/
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