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Is it just my kid?

The only time he's happy is when he's outside. Unfortunately we can't be outside all day because then nothing would ever get done. So he whines an awful lot. Like constantly.
Also, he doesn't eat anything in his high chair. He'll eat everywhere else but his high chair.
Driving me totally nuts.
Anyone else?
Any advice?
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Re: Is it just my kid?

  • I don't really have any advice , but I just want to say you're not alone with your high chair troubles.  My daughter also wants nothing to do with it anymore either.  I'll start her out in it , but when she starts to whine I give up and just feed her while she's busy doing other things lol. 
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  • We have the issues with being outside. The only time I can reliably count on him to be content playing inside is for about 2 hours right after his afternoon nap. The mornings are the worst with non-stop whining and tugging on my clothes. I either cave and we spend the morning outside, or we do errands or some toddler group activity. Errands he's cool with because they involve driving around, being carried through parking lots, and buildings with windows, which are all basically opportunities to see cars. Everything about cars is exciting. With the toddler group stuff, he can still whine a lot if the activity isn't outside, but at least it's a change of scenery for me.

    I have no advice on how to stop the whining other than to cave in. If you are just letting him play in the backyard, invest in a long sleeve rash guard and a floppy hat with UV protection so you don't have to be constantly worrying about sunscreen. i play has great hats, and they have a half zip UV protection shirt that doesn't look like a swim top.

    Managing tree nut (me), peanut & egg (DS) allergies.

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  • Mine hates the highchair... and the bath tub... and the car seat.  She's a barrell of fun lately!


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  • I read in two separate books that the single best thing to reduce toddler tantrums is being outside, so I definitely don't think you're alone.

    We try to spend most mornings at the park.  That way she gets some outdoor time plus sees other kids.  Then we spend time after nap with her water table or playing with the rocks under our back deck or something like that.  On an ideal day I minimize indoor time as much as possible, but of course some days I have to do things like cook!

    I used to kind of like rainy days, but now they totally cramp our outdoor lifestyle.

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  • Okay glad I'm not alone!
    We definitely go outside on a daily basis. But I'm like HOLD ON REAL QUICK I NEED TO DO DISHES FIRST!!!::scrub scrub scrub:: LOL
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  • Glad I am not alone!  This is totally DS. 
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  • I could have written this for Allison...
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  • Nora is the same way as far as wanting to be outside.  She spends our entire dinner repeating "outside outside outside" just to make sure we know she wants some time outside before bath and bed :)
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  • mle5dmle5d
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    Are you sure you aren't in my house?? Exact same thing here. It makes me crazy, and the whining drives DH batty'
  • Se here. Because of the high chair thing, we just bought a booster seat and now he sits on there. He absolutely loves it. We always need to buckle him into the booster. As far as outside goes... Jackson is very much an outside baby. We have the same tantrums so no help there
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  • When we bought our house 7 years ago, one of the things we liked best it that our neighborhood park is directly across the street.  We thought, "this will be perfect when we have kids, they will have this awesome play area"  Now I feel like I have to sneak my child in the house and pray that she doesn't start to cry to go to the swings. 

    We'v had rain and thunderstorms everyday this week so it's a total mess out there and you can't reason with a 1 year old that it's too wet to play in the park.

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