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Seems like there might be quite a few moms that are working from home. Can anyone shed some light on some ideas for working from home? I'm goign to be moving to a very rural area on a ranch and am looking for some help getting into a work from home position possibly. I have a M.S. in Economics. Help please!

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  • cfitz16cfitz16
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    I work for an insurance company. I unofficially work from home once a week. Good luck.
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  • I have always worked remotely some of the time and eventually ended up working from home full time after they closed my office locally.  I would prefer to go in two days a week as it is very isolating.

    I know many financial services firms are open to WFH, but typically do require that you start in an office.  If you can land a job locally before the move, perhaps you can onboard with the understanding you will work remotely after the move.

    Consulting is also another viable option.

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  • jmdahnjmdahn
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    Health Insurance.  Most of the big 3 have WAH options and positions to fit all degree types.
  • I work in HR for a large company.  

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  • My DH is part time WFH. He's a freelance writer. He works another part time job outside of the home in the evenings though.

    I occasionally work from home. My office is very flexible. I'm in finance.
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  • I'm an academic.  I only go into the office if I'm teaching/having office hours because it's just not a quiet place to work!
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  • I mainly work from home, when I'm not traveling.  I transitioned to this setup after being with my company for four years.  My husband had to relocate for a promotion, and it took me too far out of the way to work in my company's main office.  I came to them with a work from home / work from satellite office plan and they agreed.  I've been doing this for a few years, and I slowly transitioned from 1-2 days a week a home to a full work from home setup.  I travel 2-3 times a month.
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  • Would anyone mind sharing their employers names so I can have a place to possibly start? The big three health insurance companies? BCBS is really the only one i'm familiar with that is outside of South Dakota. Also - HR from home? can you tell me a little more about that? Thank you for all the wonderful information ladies, its so hard tranisition to something new...

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