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Missing registry gift... what would you do?

We registered online with Amazon, and as I was writing the thank you notes the other day, I noticed that someone bought us the "Itzbeen Baby Timer" (to track naps/diapers/feedings) from our registry, but we never actually got it. The purchaser came to the casual pot-luck shower that DH's office threw for us and talked to us for a while, but everyone just dropped gifts and cards off at the table and we opened them later because that's the way his office showers customarily go. Some people had bought items from Amazon and had them shipped to our house, others had the gift shipped to their own house's and some directly to DH at work. I wrote the thank you card based on Amazon's thank you card list and gave it to DH before I realized we never got the darn thing!

So... what should we do? I would hate if I paid for something, thought someone got it and they never did, but I also don't want the conversation to be awkward or make her upset. Amazon can't tell us anything other than she did not ship it to our house. Just let it go? Ask?

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Re: Missing registry gift... what would you do?

  • I would wait until after the birth. Maybe they are bringing it to you once the baby has been born. If you don't get it by then, ask.
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    let it go... if you say something that seems gift grabby to me. if they want to give it to you they will, especially if it wasn't delivered to you. yes it's weird they wouldn't have given it already but it is what it is.

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  • That is a tough one. If you really need/want it now you could always buy it yourself and return the other one if you do eventually receive it.
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  • Thanks! It's definitely not a "need" thing, I more feel awkward because I accidentally wrote a thank you note for something that we never actually got so she might have figured it got sent to her house and ours. Who knows! I guess we'll just wait and see - it's really more the mystery of where the thing is than us actually needing it!
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