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Clicky Poll - How Many Visitors?

For purposes of this poll, let's just say AFTER the baby has arrived.... And here's your offensive picture to go along with the poll. image[Poll]


Re: Clicky Poll - How Many Visitors?

  • This is the first grandchild on both sides, so I'm sure that EVERYONE will be excited and want to visit.  As of now, I'm okay with it, but I reserve the right to change my mind at any time after the birth :)

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  • If either sets of parents can get into town before we're discharged and find their way to the hospital, they are welcome. Otherwise, we'll see them at home whenever they arrive. 
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  • Omg, I kind of love that picture of the Duggars!
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  • Blah. My rule is only family can visit and it has to be after I've showered and napped. But our family is huge so like 30 people will be coming and going. Hence the need of a shower and nap... A longggg nap.

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  • I voted zero, my best friend will be in the room as my birth coach and another very good friend will be taking birth/first photos. But both will be leaving the room within 5 minutes of her being born. Our family lives 4 hours away... By the time they get off work and get down here, we'll be home!
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  • Parents and DS 1!
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  • Both sets of grandparents, at least 3 siblings, and a few close friends.
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  • They waited 9 months, they can wait a few more days until I'm settled in at home. 
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  • image lavonnallama:
    If either sets of parents can get into town before we're discharged and find their way to the hospital, they are welcome. Otherwise, we'll see them at home whenever they arrive.nbsp;

    Haha this is us. There will be major problems if Im still in the hospital and my family shows up.
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  • DH's brother and SIL are the only people we have local to us.  They'll visit.  No one else.
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  • Honestly, we have a small house.. I'd kind of rather them visit at the hospital. Then when I get home and get settled in I can relax. Without having to feel like I'm 'hosting' company.

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    #1 Love the picture... made my night

    #2 I would much rather a candy striper uniform....

    #3 We had a constant flow of visitors from 8am the morning after M was born (and she was born at 7:30pm) until about 11 that night. It was awful. This time we are being VERY firm about no visitors in the hospital except for my mom (who will bring M of course) and MIL. We also won't be having any visitors once we're home except maybe SIL and my dad.

    We'll have a "July 4th Meet the BaByQ" after a few weeks for everyone to come see him.

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  • We live far away from most family. I know BIL and SIl want to stop by and hopefully that should be everyone.
  • I'm pretty sure just the grandparents will be visiting, but depending on how things go, I could see "entertaining" some other guests in the two days I have to be there.
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  • Grandparents definitely and my brother and his family if they want to come by.  Also maybe fiance's close friend.  

    I live in a small town, and the hospital is a 15 min drive/20 min jog from where we live so it's possible I could be hugely underestimating how many people will actually try to come by.  With any luck it will only be the people mentioned above, but you never can tell who future MIL might bring with her or invite.

  • My husband makes me nervous because he is just SO excited! I feel like he will want ALL of our friends to come by in addition to our parents and siblings. I just want it to be our family but he's so darn cute about it, I won't be mad if other people stop by.
  • I didn't think we had so many visitors the last 2 times but once you add both my mom/stepdad, F/MIL, older DDs, and my aunt that's already 7!  Plus a couple close friends who work at the hospital and we'll be pushing 10. 

    My dad/stepmom, our siblings, extended family, and friends bearing food will probably come over to the house within the first 2wks.

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  • That picture! SO good!

    My parents and IL will be welcome, as well as whatever siblings want to come visit. DH's grandparents will probably also want to come. That could put us at 12 people if everyone shows up, but I don't think everyone will.

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  • We have no local family but some great friends that are like extended family.  Depending on how I feel, how long I'm at the hospital and if anyone asks if they can visit I may allow.  We are still not 100% sure who is going to watch my son, so it's possible a friend may bring my son to visit and meet the baby at the hospital, or we may just wait and have him meet the baby at home.  We'll decide after the fact.
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  • So I said only my parents ... but the realized it will probably be more like 5 or 6.

    My parents, my brother, maybe my brother's gf, my DD, and my DH aunt. 

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  • Thinking about this depresses me lol. If I had it my way there would be no visitors. Both our parents are divorced and remarried so this baby has 8 grandparents.. Plus everyone else

  • Our family is big we are over 10 people just in siblings, parents and grandparent. So probably closer to 16-17. My cousins, aunts and uncles are really close to but I hope they wait till we get home but I have a feeling we will be seeing quite a few if them as well. 

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  • Not sure but I suspect at least 10. My parents and a handful of close friends.

  • My family is all out of state. My inlaws will come, and likely DH's aunt, uncle, and grandparents. At least they did when dd was born.

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  • I'm sure people will be in and out of the house with in hours of his birth.  I don't mind.  I like showing off my new squish.  


    That totally doesn't mean that everyone gets to hold him though.  Eff that noise.  

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  • LuthyLuthy
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    I voted "just my parents" but then I remembered that my brother and sister will probably come with them.

    DH's family isn't visiting until later and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to have any friends come. They've all been understanding about waiting until I feel like it. 

  • skioskio
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    I didn't want anyone other than the grandparents and SIL with DD1. Then I had a c section and was in the hospital for four days, two of which were the weekend. We ended up having the grandparents, SIL, my three best friends, and a friend of MIL's with her boyfriend. The only ones I wish I had said no to were the last two.

    I'm hoping for a VBAC and a 24 hours or less hospital stay this time. If that works out, hopefully only DD, grandparents, and SIL will be coming to the hospital. My parents will be bringing DD to meet her sister and MIL and SIL will likely come together ASAP. No one else.

    If I end up with another c/s, whatever. We'll deal with it when it happens. But definitely no random friends or the family.
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  • The more the merrier for me.

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