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Restless Legs and no sleep :/

For the past few nights I've gotten terrible sleep (ya ya ya I know..get used to it). I'll be dozing off and the all of a sudden ZING! my legs feel like they could run a marathon and I can't lay still. 

Does this happened to anyone else? Any remedies??

Re: Restless Legs and no sleep :/

  • dmlk413dmlk413
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    I have terrible restless legs at night. I do a lot of stretching before bed and that helps.
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  • I have horrible restless legs during pregnancy. Mine don't just happen at night either, though that's when they're the worst. I haven't slept hardly at all in months! My doctor told me to take magnesium sulfate supplements, which I have been doing since Friday but haven't really noticed much change. The only other thing that sometimes helps is to take a hot shower or bath and then go right to bed. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't.
  • I have horrible restless leg syndrome! Oh my gosh! I take unisom but that doesn't even help sometimes. Sheesh! I have no advice. Sorry you're going through this!
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  • Ugh restless leg syndrome is the worst!! The only thing that helps me is stretching, taking a hot, hot shower and then going straight to sleep. I basically have to be almost asleep by the time I get to bed, otherwise I lay awake wiggling...
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  • jefkjefk
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    I find that having DH rub my legs before bed helps ;)  But really, I woke up at least 4 times last night with my legs cramping up.  I'm hoping this goes away once the baby comes out!
  • Oh my gosh I feel your pain... I have been dealing with this for about a month or two, and it literally keeps me up almost all night. The last few nights I have tried using a heating pad on my legs for about 15 minutes or so once I hop into bed. It seems to help them not feel so ancy. I'm still not sleeping, but it has helped a little bit.  Good luck!

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