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DS is 6 months old and 98 percentile for height and weight. He is in 12 month clothes and will probably be in 18 month by the end of summer. I typically dress him in a onesie with shorts or pants but in the 12 and 18 month range I'm seeing few onesies and mostly pants and shirts.

Anyone know where I can get onesies? I feel like if I dress him in pants and a shirt, the shirt will ride up all the time. I browsed amazon during my lunch break and they were all onesies with rock bands or mustaches on them.
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Re: Clothes for Big Babies

  • Carters has onesies in bigger sizes.

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  • Our DS is in the 98th % as well. He is outgrowing his 12 month clothes right now, and we have 18 month size on standby.

    We're dressing him in Carters rompers, which have a little more coverage than onesies. We bought ours at Sam's Club, but I've seen them (and other brands) in on, Kohl's, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, and Target.

    I'm not a fan of shirts that ride up either.

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  • I have some rompers from Carters and some of them fit well and others, he is bursting out the seams in the same size. Do you have that issue too?

    I have a few onesies from Carters but didn't find many when I went last. Everything seemed to just stop at 9 months. I see much more on the website so I'll buy online.
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  • Kohls has lots of onesies (Carter's and Jumping Bean brand) up to 24mo.
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  • image rnbeth477:
    Carters has onesies in bigger sizes.

    I bought 3-6 month onesies and DS still fits into them (he's 7.5 months and he's usually a little above the 50th percentile). 

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  • I got some packs of white undershirt type onesies from Carter's. I think they stop at 24 month as well. I like them to go under regular shirts.
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  • Im not a huge fan of BRU because they are more expensive for Carter's items, but they had some of the larger size onesies (18 month) on the clearance rack recently. I think it was from the monkey collection they had a while back.

    D is also 6 months. 20lbs 26inches so he is wearing a lot of 12 month items right now.  I was worried the shirts and pant combos would be annoying but the shirts we got at Carters are long enough that his belly doesn't hang out.

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  • My son is huge for his age and is already in 12 months, quickly on his way to 18months very soon. We have several of the Carter's rompers and they seem to be working well so far. We also have Carters and Jumping Beans onesies that fit him pretty good.

    Gerber also makes onesies up to 24 months, right now the 18 month ones fit him just right. They are a good deal at our Buy Buy Baby- a package of 3 for $10.

  • Old Navy also makes larger clothing. I purchased a 18-24 mo. onesie there recently -- LO is not in that size yet, but it was on clearance for $2, so how could I pass it up? She'll need it eventually. ;)

  • Thanks ladies! I'm starting to think I need to buy online. I've been to all these places except BRU and pickings were SLIM!
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    My first son was born in September and wearing 12-18 months his first summer.  Old Navy, Children's Place and 77 Kids which is now Ruum were the stores that I got the best fit and the clothes were a nice quality. He ended up slimming out and was able to wear everything again the next summer.

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  • DD is 22 lbs and 7 months right now! not to mention, she is ridiculously tall lol. definitely go to carters, they have lots of onesies in bigger sizes. that's all DD can really wear. 

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  • DS is 23 pounds and 28 inches.  He is in 18 month shorts and jammies.  I put him in a lot of the Carter's onesie shorts.  They snap at the crotch but they have little legs so they look like shorts.  I get a lot of his onesies at Old Navy. 

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  • hahaha, totally off topic, but am I the only one who hates oneies? Anyways, as PP have said Carter's and Old Navy seem to have a large selection of oneies.

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    W just turned 6 months and we are the exact same way, 97th percentile. I have found most of his 18 month onesies at either or and a few at the Kohls store. The gerber stuff goes up to a larger size but in our experience the actual onesie seems smaller. Like the 18 month is smaller than our carters and old navy 12 month clothes. 
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  • DS2 is in 12-18 month clothes as well and we do have some t-shirts for him. They do ride up when we pick him up, but any kids shirt will ride up when you go and pick them up. Sometimes we just let DS2 go around the house in a diaper and a t-shirt and he's perfectly fine!

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  • image skate88:
    hahaha, totally off topic, but am I the only one who hates oneies? Anyways, as PP have said Carter's and Old Navy seem to have a large selection of oneies.


    nope! i was thinking this as i read the post. i only use them for sleep now that its warm.

     my lil guy wears 18 mon shorts and 18 or 24 month tops. also 24 month rompers. i have found some bigger onsies at target. and my mil bought him some 24 month onsies, and she usually shops at kohl's. try there.


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