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When can you first take your baby for a dip in the pool? Obviously they can't go for a long swim but I was curious if any of you were planning on introducing your LOs to the pool this summer?


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  • Thanks for asking this, I am interested to see what advice you receive!

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  • Ive never heard a rule on pools but i know no sunscreen til 6 months. Ive seen lil ones at the pool at our gym.
  • Ask Dr. Sears....

    I'd just be concerned about chlorine and getting it in baby's eyes or irritating their skin.

    Also, assuming the pool is outdoors, speak with your pediatrician about their recommendations for sunblock.  Some say OK before 6 mos old, some say no.

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  • Chlorine will wait until next year. The baby pool definitely this year.


  • I'm thinking sprinklers and the baby pool this year, pool next year if we should happen upon one. Beach next year too. I don't see the point of bringing a baby with little or no head control into a pool personally.
  • We are on vacation now and my LO is 9 weeks old. My ped said the pool is fine. He also recommended we use Neutrogena sunscreen for kids with helioplex which I found at CVS and Babies R Us. I put a small amount of sunscreen on him along with a swim shirt and hat. He has been fine.
  • I'm hoping to take LO into the pool in the next month or so. Probably when the sun is not over us and well covered.
  • We plan on introducing LO to the pool this summer if we can, but not for a long period of time. He loves the bath, so we are hoping to continue the love of water to include the pool and ocean. We plan to introduce him as soon as I am cleared to be in the pool which is around 6 weeks PP. 
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  • Dd is 3 weeks today and we've been going to the pool for over a week now because my older dd and DS have swim team practice. It's been too chilly to introduce the baby to the water, but our ped gave us the ok when we r ready and suggested California baby sunblock.  I also bought a Hanna Andersson Rash guard to protect from the sun -->

     I have a water wrap to wear dd into the water. I don't think I'll get her all the way in, but maybe her lower body. We'll see. She loves loves loves her baths and I'm hoping that will translate to the pool. 




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