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Bounce place

Has anyone taken LO to a bouncey gym? the one around us is called BounceU. I am not sure if Owen is too young for it, but we tried my cousins trampoline this wknd and he loved it! Any experience?
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Re: Bounce place

  • Not yet, but we are going to real soon! I just have to find a different one to go to, the one closest to us is closed for investigation of child pornography...go figure. T also loved the trampoline, so I think a bounce place would be awesome!!

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  • I have taken C before. He liked it fairly well, but it was also close to nap time that we went. I'd say, if she likes trampolines, she'd love bounce houses!! C is afraid of trampolines still...

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  • SusieBWSusieBW
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    DD was terrified of the big bounce houses at the indoor play place where we went during the winter.  Didn't like them at all.  Maybe she'd be better now.  As far as I know, she's never been on a trampoline.

    There are a few of those indoor trampoline park places nearby, and I've heard that they have special toddler areas in them, separate from where the bigger kids are jumping around.

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  • cmooseycmoosey
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    I haven't give to bounce u but when i meet up with JK, Jak, and motyma three place had bouncy things and slides. a hit for us! I want to check out bounce u.

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  • manda26manda26
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    we went once and he loved it. he barely moved around but liked when other kids did and made him go up and down lol
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  • W went for a birthday party last September.  It was the week after his first birthday and he couldn't even walk yet, but he loved it!  He especially loved the big slide (obviously, he went down on my lap).  I'd definitely recommend it.
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  • Fwiw, at one of our play places there are bouncy houses and a few trampolines. The girls LOVE the trampolines but are terrified of the bouncy houses. Occasionally I can get them in and then they enjoy it for a tiny bit but then get scared and want to get out.

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  • I took O. She didn't want to get in by herself, but I couldn't get in with A, lol. When she did go in a bouncy thing, she just stood there. Haha. Oh we were the only people there. 

    In the toddler area all she did was move all the toys to the hallway.  

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  • We got all the time (there are 4 places near me and they all routinely have Groupons).  Ds was actually afraid of them until about a year ago, and even now he's pretty tentative with them (he'll climb up a slide one and then sit at the top till I come get him).  But dd LOVES them.  She's been going in them since she was about 1, but until recently I'd make sure I was in with her and hold her hands, etc.  The last time we went she was climbing in/out by herself, which I was fine with as long as it wasn't crowded.
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  • We've been to Bounce U. It is not for toddlers. It's really not for preschoolers. The bounce stuff was ok for a 4 year old, but some stuff was even too difficult.

    We have a Monkey joes that has some toddler stuff.
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  • We have a Monkey Jo's that was ok but we have another one that we love and go to often. It has play houses, cozy coupes and the like... Tons of bouncie houses that are broken down by age. I like that because the 8 year olds don't get to trample Ry!

    She loves it though!


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