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Father's Day ideas?

Any ideas for a first Father's Day gift? My DH did a great job on Mother's Day, I'd love to get him something special too. Asking now since it takes me forever to get anything done these days...

Re: Father's Day ideas?

  • Right after LO was born, the nurse put both footprints on the chest of DH's shirt. I'm going to put the shirt in a shadow box for him. I think we're going to do something cheesy like coffee mugs for the g'pas.
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  • I'm stealing a pinterest idea and using the walk with my daddy poem with both kids footprints, then I will frame it for DH's office. Then I'm going to get him some new shorts because he needs them.


  • I am getting DH a travel mug from Shutterfly with pictures of him and DD on it. I got a mug for mothers day with her pictures on it, and he was jealous lol!
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  • I have a bunch of free 8x8 photo books coming my way from Shutterfly, so I was thinking about making him a book explaining how we became parents (photos from us dating, getting engaged, getting married, buying a house and then pictures from my pregnancy and G's first few weeks at home. They also have stand alone pictures that don't need frames and I think I'll get one of those for his desk at work too. I was thinking about getting some paint to do G's footprints or handprints (maybe both) on a hand made card. Might make a cute sign for his nursery as long as I'm using the paint.

    Too many ideas. I blame Pinterest! Now if I could just find the time to do them...

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  • I've been struggling for ideas too. There are sooo many good ones out there and I just can't choose what to do!

    A while ago DH was talking about needing to get a new water bottle for work so I thought I might get one made with a photo on it. I edited a photo of him, my SS, and DS with the words "The G____ Boys ... 2013" on it and was going to get a stainless steel water bottle made for him at Walmart. Then the doodyhead bought a new water bottle yesterday. Lol I might still order one anyways.

    DH and my SS made me breakfast in bed for Mother's Day and DH got me individual greeting cards from him and each of the boys. DH also took over baby duty the night before and let me sleep in. I had been hoping for some sort of momento to commemorate my first official Mother's Day but DH isn't as sentimental as I am and didn't get anything like that for me. So I'm going to eventually treat myself to a personalized family necklace like I've been wanting. Yesterday we bought ourselves a Tassimo as a combined Mother's and Father's Day gift for ourselves as we've been wanting one for a long time. So I don't feel bad about just getting or making something kind of small but personal for Father's Day.

    I took an awesome photo of LO and my dad the other day so I think I'm going to get him a keychain made with the picture on it. He is incredibly proud of LO...his only biological grandchild. He's always telling everyone about LO so he'll probably like having something he can show off to all of his coworkers etc. My dad drives truck for a living so he doesn't have an office in which to display a framed photo etc. so I think a keychain will work well. Otherwise, DH and I are going to help him do some work around his farm. Maybe SS will make him a card or something.

    Oh, and I think I'm going to make stepping stones with the kids footprints imprinted in them. Not sure that I'm going to make that a Father's Day gift though.
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  • Lots of cute photo gift ideas on Shutterfly...
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  • I'm lame. Probably new underwear. lol 


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