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Cranky in public

My 7 month year old son was great all winter long. He loved snuggling and having time with me (I'm a stay at home mom). Now that the Michigan weather is finally changing and we can finally go out in the world for more than 5 minutes, my son is a cranky, crying mess. Even when we went out before he enjoyed looking around and seeing what was around him. I just don't know what to do. We went to the zoo yesterday and he was screaming which he NEVER does. The mall today and the same thing happened. Some advice, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you!!!

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  • Have you tried wearing him when you go out in public? Maybe he needs the closeness.
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  • Yeah.. I echo pp - my LO is in stranger axiety big time and I found that the stroller is often too hard for her - if I wear her in the ergo she normally is happier and as long as people don't get too close she's smiley and happy to look and talk to others :)
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  • Just keep trying and it will get better as they get used to different people and being in new places. It helped us to start with less crowded, quieter public places and keep building up to bigger crowds after he was more comfortable being out and about. We started with a quiet, neighborhood park; the mall during afternoon "dead hours"; and the kid's corner of the library. Now that he's becoming more social, we'll try new places this summer like the pool, the zoo, science center, train museum, etc.

    Give him a couple toys to hold and make sure he can see you at all times. Talk to him quietly about things around you and stay smiley and positive so he knows it's supposed to be fun, happy time. It does get better soon!

  • At this age, there's teething, maybe your LO wants out of the stroller, strangers and when in a stroller they can't see you as well), etc.  It could be anything!
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  • I am also a SAHM and I totally could have written this exact post except we live in a hot climate so we are indoors more because of the heat.  I find that he is overwhelmed with new people, especially in big groups (5 or more).  My assumption is that he sat around for so long just staring at me, that he doesnt know how to deal with more than that yet.  7 months is also when separation anxiety is kicking in so he is dealing with that along with a ton of sensory overload. 
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