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Growth ultrasound- standard practice?

Has everyone received a growth ultrasound toward the last month? I don't know if I'm getting one at my 36 wk appointment this afternoon- so wondering who has & has not received one! Hoping I get to see LO again today Smile

Re: Growth ultrasound- standard practice?

  • It is not standard at my practice, it's only standard to get one at 12 weeks and one at 20 weeks.
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  • Generally speaking they're not standard but they could be considered standard by certain doctors.  It's definitely not across the board.  I did get one last week because DS1 was a peanut at 2 weeks late so they wanted to get a look at how this baby is sizing up since he'll be born by RCS at 39 weeks.
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  • Not standard for my Dr. They only do one at 21wks for the anatomy scan.


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  • When I was pregnant with DS I had a quick office u/s at the end to confirm that he was head down. It wasn't a growth scan though. I think it depends on your doctor whether or not it is standard practice. With my doctor, it wasn't. I get them this time b/c it's twins.
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  • Not a standard practice. I had one due to specific concerns relating to my pregnancy and baby's positioning.
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  • Yes, my OB did a growth ultrasound at 36weeks - had my appt yesterday, Baby was 6lbs 3 oz! If born at 40 weeks, they estimate him to be 7.5-8lbs at birth Big Smile
  • It is not standard with my OB.  With both pregnancies I measured far behind and have had growth scans but only due to the measuring issue.

    The standard ultrasounds with my OB are the 8ish week dating u/s and the 20 week a/s. The First Trimester n/t scan is offered but optional.

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  • I don't think they are standard. I won't be getting one. My doctor said that since everything is going well, my measurements are on track, and no complications there's no medical reason to do it. I don't think they are accurate anyway, so it seems like doctors shy away from it. However, I like you would love to see my little one. Hoping he comes any day now:)
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  • If my doctor can't confirm he is head down he will do a quick one but otherwise I won't get one. I had one at 8 weeks and one at 18 weeks and that's it.
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  • The only standard at our practice is the 18-20 a/s.  I did get a growth U/S, however, because my belly was measuring 4 weeks ahead.  It had to be ordered by my OB, and I had to schedule a separate appointment to go and get it.
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  • They are standard at my OB's office, I was told I'd be getting one next week. They'd probably let you know if you were getting one, just to let you know the appointment would take a little longer. At least that was my experience.
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  • The drs in my practice never mentioned having one, but at my last appointment I asked about how I wa measuring and he said pretty average but if I wanted an ultrasound he would write me a script for one.. Which I couldn't pass up a chane to see my little baby!! So we are going today at 1
  • I haven't and don't think I will get one.
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  • llbta85llbta85
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    I am pretty sure the only reason I had one was because there was a soft marker in an earlier test that may indicate slow fetal growth.

  • No, I don't think so unless there's a concern.  I have had monthly growth scans with my MFM because baby continues to measure small. 
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  • amie444amie444
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    I am high risk so I have had more scans than I can count. And my I insurance is not to happy but they have paid for them all



  • I have no idea what my LO weighs, I wish I did!
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  • Anything other than the one at 20 wks is elective at my provider. I'm not willing to pay to get a guesstimate that will more than likely be wrong and wouldn't affect my birth plan anyway. Have fun at your apt though, the LOs are fun to watch wiggle!
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  • image MeghanKG:
    No, not everyone does. I did last week because my son was measuring big, and the ultrasound predicted he was 8 pounds, 2 ounces. I had him two days later and he was significantly smaller, so they're basically useless in my opinion.

    My SIL just had one done and she can't stop posting on FB that their baby is 9 pounds at 37 weeks. She doesn't seem to understand its just a guesstimate and can be inaccurate!
  • Nope they told me insurance won't accept it unless it's medically neccesary so I won't have one until my due date when they can technically code it as "overdue" or "fluid check" or whatever.
  • No. My OB doesn't do ultrasounds (except the growth scan at 20 weeks) unless there's a problem. So I don't want an ultrasound, lol.

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  • Not standard for my practice, and I did not have one.  I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks and 20 weeks and then nothing unless they suspect a problem
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  • BC&amp;LMBC&LM
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    I don't believe it is standard practice at my OB, but I have had two growth scans already because of my specific situation. They typically do them for higher risk pregnancies that could possibly cause either growth restriction or macrosomia, including conditions like GD, obesity, and preeclampsia.
  • I've been getting growth US's every 2 weeks the past couple weeks, but I was high risk for PTL and had an US every week anyway. As of this week my doc is no longer concerned so no US this week, however he did want to do a growth US next week. I'm assuming that'll be the last til I deliver.

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  • sctigersctiger
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    My office doesn't do them unless they suspect there is an issue.  Growth u/s are known to be inaccurate anyway, so it suits me just fine.  I haven't seen her since the a/s, and it'd be nice to see her again, but it's not necessary.

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  • It is not standard at my practice either. I have had 2 because Dr. was worried that even at 31 I will still measuring at 24 and they wanted to make sure baby was growing. I had another at 35 weeks for the same reason.
  • Not standard at mine but I know all my friends that go to the same practice had one.  My OB offered and I decided to do it. 


  • LiLi23LiLi23
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    My dr does u/s at 12, 20 and 28 weeks. I had to go back at 32 and 35 to check on the placenta location and since they were already there they did take measurements. I was told yesterday he's measuring about 6 pounds but I don't put any stock in it bc they're not 100 accurate.


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  • Not standard for me - I got an a/s, and I got a dating ultrasound because I have irregular cycles.

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  • MissDeiMissDei
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    Not standard at all. Has more to do with my insurance. I only get more than 2 u/s if medically necessary. I got my 2 at 10 wks and 19 weeks.
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