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Mini nursing strike?

We had a terrible time getting DD to take a bottle of BM. She just wanted nothing to do with it. Finally she accepted it and does really well with a bottle now. Well, yesterday she got 3 bottles in a row while I was at work (this is not the first time she's gotten 3 in a row). My mom said she "guzzled" them all. Last evening, I tried nursing her 3 different times and she refused to do it. She would suck for a few seconds and then start screaming hysterically. We ended up giving her a bottle before bed so that she would at least eat something.

My theory is that because my milk didn't come out immediately like it does in a bottle, she got frustrated. She's nursed twice so far this morning, and she's been okay except for a little fussing the first time. I'm also much fuller in the morning than I would've been last evening, though. I'm telling everyone who watches her that from now on, she needs a break every ounce even if she cries to have the bottle back right away. Hopefully if she doesn't just get milk fast and furious the entire time she's drinking her bottle, she will transition back to nursing better.

Does this make sense? Anyone else have experience with this? I just can't believe that within a few weeks we went from refusing a bottle to preferring a bottle over nursing, and from only one day of bottles too... 

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Re: Mini nursing strike?

  • That makes sense. I've also heard that tilting the bottle so the milk doesn't flow as much at first helps with this, so they have to work at it for a minute or two before getting full flow, simulating the letdown process.

    My DS has also gotten a little fussier at the breast now that he takes more bottles at daycare, but I don't think he has a preference at this point. GL!
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  • DS has gone on mini nursing strikes many times at this point. I have no idea what causes his but it started before he was getting a bottle regularly. He would act hungry an then scream at my boob. I thought maybe he was teething but I haven't seen any sign of a tooth coming so I really have no idea. Babies are weird and confusing.
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  • My DD throws a fit if she doesn't get an immediate let down every once in a while. I try and fight her through it which is really tough, but if I give her a little from a bottle to take edge off her hunger and then give her a pacifier to calm her down I can usually get her to relax enough to suck for a letdown. Also, pumping the other side or stimulating it while she sucks helps speed the let down up a bit. It's very stressful when it happens for sure though
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