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I'm so ticked off

I swear sometimes I wish the actual road was like Mario Kart and I could shoot exploding turtle shells at people who drive like asshats.

Joey and I left the supermarket through the back entrance today.  It has 3 speed bumps in close succession so I always go really slow.  As I'm heading to the first one I see a giant pick up behind me and realize he's not even slowing down. Like, he slammed his breaks on as I was going over the speed bump and stopped about 4 inches from my back bumper.  Which he proceeds to repeat for the next 2 speed bumps.

I get to the end of the road and have to make a left turn.  To the right, the road curves and it's really hard to see.  To the left, it's a blind hill and it's really hard to see.  So I always take my time,especially with Joey in the car, since people come flying in from out of nowhere. Apparently the pick up didn't care. I started to move, saw a car come flying over the hill and stopped.  He proceeded to blare his horn at me repeatedly and start yelling.  When I pulled out, he flew out behind me and crossed the double yellow line into oncoming traffic on a blind freaking hill to pass me.  Because it was insane to wait 2 blocks and pass me when we turn at the light and there are two lanes.  Then I happened to be following him for another mile or two while he weaved in and out of lanes without signalling, slamming on his brakes left and right.  Awesome.

So mad. I took down his license plate and called the cops.  They probably won't find him but they put his info out to all the patrol cars and said they'll call me if they find him so I can file a complaint.

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