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Belly Bandit

Ok ladies,

 My DD just turned 8 weeks old.  She is my second child and with my first my belly was never just flabby-- it remained ROUND after pregnancy for months :(  It was embarrassing because I still looked pregnant!

 This time my stomach looks just like normal fat (I can deal with this), but I am tempted to buy the belly bandit or something similar to help.  I realize its already been 8 weeks.  Do these things help at all? Anyone use it before? I am BF and starting light exercise :)



Re: Belly Bandit

  • The Belly Bandit is really to help the uterus shrink down, not so much the actual stomach. It's probably not worth ordering now.
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    Agree with PP. they are for support and compression. At this point sounds like you are looking to tone up, which only exercise can do.
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  • I've got it and I have worn it since LO was 4 weeks and I have already seen a difference. My sister had the same issue and she wore hers for 6 months after having her LO and it worked wonders. She wore her while going for walks with her LO, never fully worked out and her flabby belly was gone. I think its mainly if your willing to pay for it knowing it may or may not work depending on your body type. It's working well for me!
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