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Hazardous Products

You may all know of this site, but after the post about Johnson's having formaldehyde I thought I'd share.  I use this site for not only my babies products but my own, type in what you use and you can see how hazardous the product is. Or you can click on topics and see what's out there. I can tell you I was shocked at how hazardous my products I was using were. Hope this helps at least one person.



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Re: Hazardous Products

  • I appreciate this.  I was having a tough time really understanding why johnson and johnson is so bad after soooo many years on the market.  I just looked it up on this website and it really breaks it down by ingredient, and even shows that there is no cancer risk (so not sure where that info came from).  I like how it rates the products, safest to least safe. Johnson and johnson is NOT the safest, but at least this way we can find out specifics.  It just put it into a better perspective for me and will make it easier to choose a "safer" brand!

    Edit: looking around more, something at johnson and johnson has a cancer risk... haven't found the product yet

    2nd edit (then i'll stop haha): the products with a cancer risk are ones containing "coal tar", which obviously makes sense.  I don't see any baby products.  It's a lot of their eczema products and some neutrogena dandruff shampoos etc. Also, it's not a hidden ingredient, many of the products say "tar" in the name of the product!  So breathe ladies, you haven't given your baby cancer by using baby shampoo the last 3 months :)  BUT, that said, I'll be switching brands just because I can see on this website how many brands have less hazardous materials and will probably be safer for my little one!


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  • Yes!  I loooove EWG
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  • I love that website. I use it especially for looking up sunscreen/sunblock information for DD1. It's easy to see why most people don't recommend sunblock/sunscreen for younger than 6 months, given all the crap that's in it.
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