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Hi, it's been a while- thoughts/prayer request.

i haven't been on here in a long while but I remember this being a place of support and care-  and I just need to type out this THING that's going on.

My son has strabismus - which is/ was a simple lazy eye. DS is scheduled for surgery to fix this in July.  He also has a big azz head (98%)-

Because of the combination we went in for a "routine MRI" to rule out hydrocephaly- I even tried to talk the doctor out of ordering it, since both ophthalmologists  I have seen agreed it wasn't really necessary. The MRI was just a quick one- done without sedation even.  It took less than 10 minutes to do.  The result is something I still am having a hard time processing.   

They found a "mass" on his brain stem.  This "mass" has nothing to do with his eye or his head size.   We go in tomorrow to meet with a neuro-oncologist and a neurosurgeon.

 I'm still numb- and---- I'm just lost.  I'm praying and hoping that we do a repeat MRI and whatever they saw tonight is gone.  I don't know what to do.

I'm asking for thoughts, prayers, vibes, what ever you may have to send Liam's way.   Even if it's for the few seconds that you took to read this- anything may help.  



Re: Hi, it's been a while- thoughts/prayer request.

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