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Flat spot

So right above my belly button is a complete flat spot. Does anyone else have this? And does anyone know if that means my muscles are separating?

Re: Flat spot

  • Some days my stomach is flat around my belly button. It all depends on how baby is positioned. But it will come and go.

    I dont remember at which point in my first pregnancy that the muscles separated, but it was well into third tri.

    To see if the muscle has split, lay on your back, bend your knees, and lift your head slightly. Like a mini sit up. Feel around your belly button. If it is hard all the way across, your muscle is together. If there is a one cm or more squishy gap above or below the belly button, they separated.

    It's not a huge deal either way. It's not something you can detect by just looking.

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  • It's been flat right above my belly button for a few weeks now too.
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  • I have a flat spot too!! Someone went to take my picture and fixed my shirt and said 'I know I have this flat spot' I'm glad to know its normal and by the sounds of it, my body preparing for more growth!
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