****June Blooms Check In****

Welcome to the June Blooms 2013 check-in!!! Check ins are every Monday and Friday!
This is a check-in for those who are doing IVF or FET with an ER/ET scheduled for JUNE. If you are interested in joining, please fill us in on your cycle below (# IVF cycle, where you are in the process, relevant dates, etc.) Be sure to update along the way! Thanks to golfrgal for creating our siggy even though she isn't a June Bloom!!

Your check-in leader for the month is:  AnnaLynn83 on Mondays and shell3879 on Fridays


QOTD:  Are you a good cook?  If so, what are your favorite recipes??? 

Waiting to Start Cycle:












LundleBean - IVF #1

Prep (BCP/Lupron/EPP):

shell3879 - IVF #2

andy71781 - IVF #2

AnnaLynn83 - IVF #1

Precious72381 - IVF #4

noelcallum - IVF #1


beth9409 - IVF #1





Stepharonius - FET #1

diamante1181 - FET #2

JulieannT15 - FET #1

djma81 - FET #3

BrideJackie11 - FET #2




heath04angel - IVF 1.2

Between ER/ET:

In the 2WW:


Precious72381 - IVF #4


JUNE Angels:

Happily Married since 2007! TTC #1 since 2/12! Me(29)-PCOS(Metformin) DH(30)-MFI, 10/12 SA=Azoo(Clomid started), 12/12 SA=0.1mil, 2/13 SA=2.1mil/Abnormal Morph. IVF #1 scheduled May/June 2013

Re: ****June Blooms Check In****

  • FYI - I still hate BCPs!!  Foretunetly, I stop BCPs this Saturday, the 25th, when I start Lupron.

     OOTD - I'm a HORRIBLE cook but I enjoy cooking (DH is a good sport!)  So, if your are a good cook, feel free to share your favorite recipes with all of us! 

     Good Luck Blooms!!

    Happily Married since 2007! TTC #1 since 2/12! Me(29)-PCOS(Metformin) DH(30)-MFI, 10/12 SA=Azoo(Clomid started), 12/12 SA=0.1mil, 2/13 SA=2.1mil/Abnormal Morph. IVF #1 scheduled May/June 2013
  • beachy6beachy6
    250 Answers 1000 Comments 500 Love Its Second Anniversary

    I'm tired of BCP's too! I start Lupron in one week, so at least that will be something new to do!

    QOTD: I'm a decent cook. I HATE cleaning up after, so that stops me from being too creative. I love to make my own spaghetti sauce. It's down right amazing if I do say so myself. I simmer it all day and just the smell makes me excited! I'm actually growing my own tomatoes to try and make it from scratch rather than using canned sauced and tomatoes. But, I usually forget to water my plants/veggies by the end of June, so we'll see if there's anything left to use! Lately, I've been obsessed with summer squash saut?d in olive oil with a little garlic and bacon. Oh. My. So good. No one else in my family will eat it, so it's all mine! In the summer, I easily eat this 4x's a week.

    BabyFruit Ticker

     ttc #2 since 2004 Me (35): Stage 3 Endo, DH (34): High DNA Frag

    IVF/ICSI #2: April 2014: BFP!!!!!!

    ET of 2 great quality embryos. + BFP on 9dp5dt. Beta #1 (10dp5dt): 257, Beta #2 (14dp5dt): 1561,

    Beta #3 (21dp5d5): 8,172. Wow. It seems this is actually working. Shocked beyond belief.

    1st u/s @6w5d: Baby A hb 124, Baby B hb 127 (Both measuring perfectly!)

    Lost baby A. Praying that baby B stays healthy. Baby B hb 175 at 11 weeks

    It's a GIRL!!!




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  • I also hate BCP and just took my last one on Friday and I'm still taking the Lupron which is giving me bad headaches and occasional mood swings. I've also had AF for about 2 wks stuff! I have a drs appt Thursday and start stims Friday!

    QOTD: I am a pretty decent cook and enjoy it for the most part! A couple of my faces are creamy tomato basil Italian sausage tortellini soup, braised balsamic chicken, and these lemon brownies I made for the first time the other day...mmm! nbsp;

    Me 28 DH 30

    After 4+ years TTC

    FET #2 = DS Madden Jeffery <3 July 29, 2014 <3
  • Longest Lupron protocol EVER!! Ughhhh.

    QOTD: Some would say I'm an excellent cook. I just follow recipes well. I love to make lemon garlic chicken, spinach artichoke dip, and homemade nachos. 

    On 10/23/13 Baby Sophie and Baby Gabriel born at 21+5 weeks. They grew wings and flew away from us. May God bless them always. We love you beans!
    Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers
    Phoebe Jaslene born at 19w3d. We love you beba! Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

  • djma81djma81
    250 Answers 500 Comments Third Anniversary 25 Love Its

    Update: Now on Estrace three times a day, and Lupron 5 units. Acupuncture tomorrow.....which I love going to! 

    QOTD: I'm a decent cook I would say. My hubby and stepkids don't seem to have a problem with the things I make. I too just follow recipes well.   

    -Me 32...PCOS (no pregnancies)
    -DDH 43....ASA (2 children from first marriage)
    -TTC since 9/2011
    -2/12 and 3/12 ovulated on Clomid BFN (both months)
    -4/12 and 5/12 break from trying and focus on our upcoming wedding 5/19/12 and honeymoon to Jamaica!!! Yay!!!
    -5/7/12 Normal/Clear HSG (very painful for me)
    -6/11/12 DDH and I decide to begin IVF#1 with upcoming cycle
    -6/20/12 Mock Transfer and US which showed 2 cysts on Left Ovary
    -6/11/12 Started OCP's
    -6/27/12 Repeat US (checking on cyst rupture/growth)....cyst still there!
    -6/28/12 Surgery to remove the cyst
    -6/29/12 Rest, and Recovery at home
    -6/30/12 Recieve Med Shipment
    -7/1/12 Start Lupron 10mg....cont OCP's
    -7/7/12 Last OCP....continue Lupron 10 units
    -7/9/12 Begin STIMS (Gonal-F and Menopur), also Lupron 5 units
    -7/10/12 PM Lupron 5, Gonal 75, Menopur 75
    -7/11/12 AM Gonal 75, PM Lupron 5, Gonal 75, Menopur 75
    -7/12/12 AM Gonal 75, PM Lupron 5, Gonal 37.5, Menopur 75
    -7/13/12 AM Gonal 75, PM Lupron 5, Gonal 37.5
    -7/14/12 AM Gonal 37.5, PM Lupron 5
    -7/15/12 PM Gonal 37.5, Lupron 5
    -7/16/12 RE cancelled cycle due to drastic drop in E2
    -Awaiting AF to hopefully start new cycle in August
    -Switched RE's
    -On OCP's x 4 weeks
    -Last OCP 9/18/12
    -Baseline US/Labs 9/21/12
    -STIMS begin 9/22/12
    -After only 8 days of STIMS (Follistim 150/Menopur 150) had ER 10/3/12....53 Eggs!!
    -47 mature and 26 fertilized as of day 1
    -Moderate OHSS so will wait on transfer....freeze all
    -10 Frosties...7 day 5 Blasts, and 3 Day 6 Blasts all grades A and B
    -Start OCP'S 10/11/12
    -FET scheduled for 11/29/12!!
    -1 Expanded Blast Transferred on 11/29/12
    -12/10/12 BFN (HPT & Beta) BFN!!!
    -FET 2 1/31/13
    -2/11/13 BFP Beta #1 9.9, Beta #2 2/14/13 0 C/P
    -WTF Appt 3/28/13

    [center] Visit my blog Praying for a Miracle or Two [/center]

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    <a href="" title="D
  • I was hoping for a 25 day cycle which would have meant AF would have started today, so I can get started.  Oh, well.

    QOTD:  I am not a great cook.  I can follow a recipe.  I love to bake.  DH and I eat such different things and have different schedules, so it is difficult to get creative with cooking.  I'm a vegetarian married to a man who hates veggies...

    Siggy Warning BFP/Loss Mentioned
    Me: 30, DH 30 Started TTC 7/2009
    9/2010 SA=Normal 9/10 HSG Dx Both tubes dilated; Rx bilateral salpingectomy & IVF; 9/2010-12/2012 Financial break
    1/2013 Bilateral Salpingectomy 5/2013 Recent SA shows borderline morphology
    5/2013 IVF w/ ICSI #1 6/25/13 ER=11R 9M 9F  6/28/13 3dt of 2 embies (8B & 6A-); no frosties: BFN
    10/2013 IVF w/ ICSI #2 11/12/13 ER= 9R 6M 6F  11/15/13 3dt of 2 embies (8A & 8A) 3 frosties (2 day-5, 1 day-6)
    11/22/13 (7dp3dt) +hpt  11/26/13 (11dp3dt) BFP Beta=141 11/28/13 Beta 2= 372 EDD 8/5/2014
    3/20/14 Fetal Demise 20 wks F/L 17 wks D&E attempted 3/21/14 & 3/22/14 Born Still 3/23/14  I love you B.T.
    "Sometimes you try your hardestbut things don't work out the way you want them to." –Nani (Lilo & Stitch)
    “All I can say is, it's a sort of kinship, as though there is a family tree of grief. On this branch, the lost children, on this the suicided parents, here the beloved mentally ill siblings. When something terrible happens, you discover all of the sudden that you have a new set of relatives, people with whom you can speak in the shorthand of cousins.” ― Elizabeth McCracken
    8/2014 FET 8/7/14 Transferred 1 5-day blast (4AA): BFN
    TTCAL September Siggy Challenge:  Animals in Clothing

    Will add soon

    **All AL/AIF Welcome**
  • RoeniRoeni
    250 Answers 1000 Comments Fourth Anniversary 100 Love Its

    I was already asleep by the time this check in was posted!

    QOTD:  Are you a good cook?  If so, what are your favorite recipes??? 

    I love to cook and I love to look on pinterest for new recipes to make.  I make a really good miso ginger salmon. I don't know if I am a good cook, but if I follow a recipe it tastes great most of the time!

    Nothing new here.  I should have some news on Friday after my SHG.  Just hoping they don't find anything because I will be delayed longer.

    IVF #1 Jan 1, 2013-Bravelle (150) and Menopur (75)
    Jan 15 Trigger shot, Jan 17 ER, Jan 22 5 day transfer (2 embryos) Feb 1st-3rd + HPT Feb 8th-Beta 1: 2013! Feb 11th-Beta 2: 3100 Feb 15th Beta 3: >5000! Faint heartbeat seen at 5 weeks 4 days! 3/7/13 U/S missed m/c at 8 weeks.

    FET June 20, 2013 Beta #1@13dpt July 3: 2,476!! 1st U/S 7/9/13 revealed 2 sacs w/ yolks @ 5w3d! U/S #2 July 16 shows 2 heartbeats baby a 111 baby b 117! July 23 U/S-baby a 163 baby b 134 July 25 U/S baby b does not have a heart beat anymore :( 
    Due March 7th, 2014 TEAM BLUE!
    Baby boy was born 3/5/2014!
  • Currently sitting in the office waiting for bloodwork and ultra sound. Took my last BCP last night yay! Should start injections Friday.

    I'm a good cook, so is husband so it's fun to cook together sometimes. We like trying any new recipe! Because unfortunately we love pretty much all food









     Me(31). DH (31)

    DH SA normal count and motility, 1% morphology
    Me .72 AMH, Fragile X premutation carrier
    IVF #1 (6/12/13) BFN

    IVF #2 (8/16/13) BFN

    FET 10/4/13 Chemical

    IVF #3 MC 5 weeks 5 days

    IVF #4 DE 11/7

    All Welcome 





  • Good morning, June Blooms!

    I have been checking in with the May Emeralds, but the Lupron has pushed my cycle back so far that it looks like I'm going to be a June Bloom now!

    This is IVF #1 for me, and we're doing long Lurpon + ICSI. I've been on Lupron for a couple of weeks now, and my period finally showed up last night. I have my baseline appointment on Thursday, and if all goes well then stims start on Friday!

    @heath04 - it looks like we are cycle buddies! :)

    QOTD: I'm a pretty good cook, and DH and I love to cook together. But what I like even more is baking.... cakes, pies, cookies, pastries - it's been a hobby of mine since I was a little girl.  

    ETA: I also made another little June Blooms badge - hope I'm not stepping on any toes, but it's something I love to do. Golfrgal's is cute, too! :) 

    TTC #1 since March 2011
    Dx = Unexplained IF
    Cycle #28 IVF
    6/18/13 Beta #1 @ 10dp5dt = 174!!! Beta #2 @ 12dp5dt= 391!!! I'm finally KU!!! EDD 2/24/2014
    Our little man was born 2/18/14! Welcome to the world!

     image        image

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • I just started BCP Friday, and yesterday was when I felt the wrath of those horrible pills! Who knew such a small pill could contain so much Bi@#*iness! I'm waiting to hear from my dr. to set up u/s at the beginning of June, and get the rest of my protocol.

    I love to cook!!! My DH does as well, we make a pretty good team in the kitchen, until it's time to clean up. :/ My favorite thing to cook is Parmesan Crusted Chicken! 
    Get thin cut chicken breasts, spray with butter. Mix crunshed up cornflakes, dry ranch dressing mix Parmesan cheese, garlic, and other seasonings, and coat the chicken. Bake at 350 for about 30-45 minutes. 
    For the sides, I like to do mustard greens (cooked in chicken broth and garlic) new potatoes and a salad! MMMM!!!! I may have to cook this tonight!!

    Me 28 DH 30 Married 08-11-07 TTC since 07/11 HSG 01-21-13 Left FTB Seeing RE 1-28-13 RE 1-28-13 Both tubes blocked LAP surgery 2-15-13 Both tubes removed Started IVF #1 June 2013 Meds: BCP, Lupron, Gonal-F, Ovidrel, Medrol, Doxycycline
    Beta #1-BFP!!! HCG-55 Beta #2--111 Beta #3--2,825 Beta #4 22,031 1st U/S 7-29-13 Saw and heard our little sweet pea's heartbeat!! 109 bpm 

  • Hi ladies! Started microdose lupron injections yesterday, and stims start Friday. Three injections down, seventy something (??) to go. OMG, says this first-time IVFer!

    QOTD: DH and I love love love to cook. Our recent favorite is quinoa bowls for breakfast. Quinoa in the bottom of the bowl. Sauteed bell peppers, onions and garlic on top of that. Maybe some beans. Maybe some avocado. And definitely a soft-boiled egg, a little cheese and lots of hot sauce on top. Lots of protein and veggies.  

    Began TTC #1 in Sept. 2010. I was 33, DH was 36.. Dx with DOR and slight MFI (8/4/11).

    Test results (after first RE visit 6/21/11): 7DPO b/w: Progesterone = 11.3; CD3 b/w: FSH = 10.1 mUnits/mL, E2= 52.0 pg/mL, AFC: 6; SIS Ultrasound: Uterus great, tubes clear! AMH: 0.3 

    IUI#1 June 2012 (Follistim/HCG trigger): BFN 
    IUI#2 July 2012 (Follistim/HCG trigger): BFN 
    IUI#3 August 2012 (Follistim/HCG trigger): CP (Beta #1: 4.61, Beta #2: 1.0) 
    IUI#4 October 2012 (Follistim, ovulated before trigger, missed IUI, converted to TI): BFN 
    Jan. 2013 New RE
    IVF #1 June 2013 MDL Protocol. Converted to IUI#4.1. (High E2 and 3+ mature follicles at first monitoring.) BFFN
    IVF #1.2 August 2013 Stop Lupron Protocol with Human Growth Hormone added. 17R, 14M, 9F (with ICSI), 2 embryos (decent quality - grade 2) transferred on day 3, 2 blasts made it to freeze. Beta 8/26. BFFN :'(

    FET #1 December 2013 Last try! Transferred 2 blasts -- graded 3AB and 4BB. Beta #1 (12/27/13) 530. Beta #2 (12/30/13) 1876. BFP! One bean. EDD 9/3/2014!

    We welcomed the most beautiful baby girl into the world on September 11, 2014!


  • Anxious for my bloodwork & U/S coming up this Friday morning, and then Menopur/Follistim start Sat night. 

    QOTD: I am a good cook.  I love making chicken marsala (though I haven't made it in a while!).  I also make this yummy orzo/asparagus summer salad.    

    Me: 34 DH: 40
    Removed ovarian cysts in Mar 2010 & removed left ovary in May 2010
    TTC since Oct 2011
    Sep 2012 IUI #1 Natural cycle BFN
    Sep 2012 IUI #2 Natural cycle BFN
    Oct 2012 IUI #3 Natural cycle BFN
    Nov 2012 removed uterine polyp
    Feb 2013 IVF #1 ER 2/8: 13R,6M,6F, 3dt of 1 6-cell & 1 7-cell embie, beta hell resulted in blighted ovum.
    June 2013 IVF #2 cancelled due to lining too thick
    July 2013 IVF #2.1 ER 7/9, 9R,4M,2F, 3dt of 2 8-cell embies, BFN
    image image image
  • Nothing new here - just chugging away with the BCP's. 

     QOTD:  I'm a decent cook.  Trying to get better and better.  I work 40-45 hours a week and so does DH, so I try to cook 2 nights of the week, him once and then we go out to eat quite a bit on the weekend and one night during the week.  I wish we cooked more!  I like making meat and veggie dishes as we try to eat Paleo and bread/pasta/etc. free. 

  • Hi and thanks for keeping this list!
    I am on Lupron and start stims on Friday.
    QOTW: I am a terrible cook! I make a good chicken and veggie stir fry!
    Me:35,  DH: 39   
    TTC since March 2011. All bloodword, SA & HSG are normal.  
    8/12: Clomid & TI - BFN 
    10/12: Colmid & TI - BFN 
    3/13:  Clomid, Trigger & IUI - BFN 
    4/13: Gonal F, Trigger & IUI: BFN  
    6/13: IVF #1 (1AA blast & 1BB blast) = BFN 
    8/13: FET #1= BFN
    10/13: FET #2= BFP!!!

    BabyFruit Ticker  image
  • Hey Blooms, Started IM delestrogen injections (Friday, Tuesday injects) last Friday.  I am due for a shot tonight.  I am also on vaginal estrace (that's fun, they're blue). 

    QOTD: I love to cook.  I too like going on pinterest and finding new recipes.  I make mostly chicken dishes.  One of my favorites is the chicken franchese on the website.  I have been trying to cook more gluten-free and more paleo for the past couple weeks.

    <Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Married June 2011 Dx: anovulatory due to prolactinoma (1.5cmx 1.5cm in 2006)
    April 2012: MRI- questionable cyst 8mg by 12mm in pituitary ; referred to RE by Ob-gyn after amenorrhea x 4+ months, provera ineffective, low estrogen level
    cycle 1: May 2012, clomid 50mg; cycle cancelled, thin lining, no response
    cycle 2: June 2012, femara 5mg; cycle cancelled, no response
    cycle 3: July 2012, femara 7.5mg; cycle cancelled (largest folli on Cd12 & cd 16: 11, lining 4)
    Repeat MRI July 25,2012- Cyst unchanged, likely old infarction.
    Aug. 8: met with RE, move to injectables if HSG and SA normal
    Aug. 23: HSG all clear; DH- perfect
    Switched to a new RE in early Sept. IVF here we come
    Genetic testing reveals: Fragile X- Intermediate risk/grey zone.
    IVF#1: ER 11/30: 14 retrieved, 10 mature, 7 fertilized. E2 prior to trigger 5200. Decision made to freeze 6 embryos and transfer later due to OHSS.
    IVF#1.2/FET #1: estrogen injects start 1/18, FET delayed to try to thicken lining. lining 5.4mm. FET- 2/18- transferred one 3AA expanded blast. BFP 5dp5dt. Beta #1- 2/27 9dp5dt- 102.27 beta #2 3/1: 147 :(, beta #3 3/4: 268 told to stop meds and let nature take its course. requested 4th beta (3/6); Beta hell for 2 months.

    FET # 2: endometrial scratch 5/6, added estrace vaginally and ASA to delestrogen and PIO. June 10- transferred one 4AA hatched embryo, BFP 4dp6dt, Beta 1 (9dp6dt) 187, Beta 2 (11dp6dt): 412; Beta 3 (15dp6dt ): 4452. U/S #1- one beautiful embryo with a heartbeat of 133 at 7 weeks.  8 weeks: heartbeat 156. EDD 2/26/2014: born 2-3-14 induced due to Pre-E and HELLP at 36w5d.

    12/1: met with RE to discuss trying for #2

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