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Mobywhen can i start using it

My 13 day old was born at 37 weeks. She's barely at 5 lbs 9 oz. Should I wait till she's 8 lbs to use my Moby?
Also any good video links to help figure out how to properly wear my Moby? The directions arent doing it for me. I tried putting it on today and even though I know I didn't have it on perfectly as soon as I put her in she loved it went right to sleep. I took her out never took my hands off of her. I need some practice on putting it on.


Re: Mobywhen can i start using it

  • Youtube has TONS of tutorials on how to use the moby. Thats how I learned. Look up "moby new born wrap" Also, check around your area for babywearing groups or even a local breast feeding group will likely have moms that use the moby and can help you. My moby on the tag actually says for babies 5 lbs and over, but the booklet and site say 8 lbs. I started using mine just a few days after I brought my little man home and he was just over 7 lbs. If you are totally new to using the moby, I would wait until your LO is 7 lbs or so.
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  • My guy was right around 7lbs when we started using it - the day we came home from the hospital, so we didn't wait until 8lbs.  I tend to think (and hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong) if you're wearing it appropriately, the baby's small size shouldn't be an issue.
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  • We also used it when we got  home from the hospital, a bit under 7 pounds. Look up the newborn hug hold on the website, it felt secure for us.
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