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breaking the swaddle

Sooo Liam will be 7months on the 29th and he is still needing the swaddle. However last night he was rolling almost all the way over while swaddled, so now im afraid to do it now.

So tonight I tried putting him awake unswaddled to bed to watch his aqaurium and he screamed for 30min while I got his sisters to bed...well wehn I went to get him he had scooted himself all the way to thw top of his crib to where his head was touching the rails...poor guy. So now I took all toys I kept on the sides and afaid to give him a blanket cuz he a bit reckless.

Do you thinkswaddling with maybe a lite weight reciving blanket would be ok? That way he can breakout? 

Heis so fidgety i just dont see this working cold turkey...I 

Re: breaking the swaddle

  • We did a gradual breaking of the swaddle. We started with one arm out then two. Then I lowered the swaddle to just his legs.

    This may be flameworthy, but my son sleeps with a blanket every night. I lay it over him from his waist down. 

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  • Since he's rolling, that would make me nervous. But I broke the swaddle by having one arm out for a few nights then both. Good luck!
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  • We broke it with the sleepsuit....of course now we're trying to get rid of the sleepsuit, haha.
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  • Ive been trying with one arm and he still woke. Thus baby is high maintenance.  But his rolling now majes me nervous
  • We finally broke the swaddle for nighttime because she was breaking out of it. At a certain point I think you gotta suck it up and let baby figure out that nighttime does not mean swaddle anymore.

    The merlin sleepsuit seems to have helped quite a few folks around here. 

    Our LO cried a fair bit the first night we put her in a sleep sack rather than a swaddle. We just went cold turkey because I she was pulling the swaddling blanket up around her face after breaking out of it and freaking me out. She also scooted all around her crib but the next night and every night since then has been fine. I swaddle her for naps because I need the daytime rest and she doesn't really move much when she sleeps during the day yet. I have a video monitor and keep an eye on her. 

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  • I used a convertible woombie ( I am not sure they make those anymore, it was a left over from DS 1) tossed the swaddle mes to decrease temptation, and used both arms out of the woombie and dealt with 2 weeks of rough sleep.
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  • It was a rough night that resulted in him sleeping with me whimpering all night as if I traumatized him. Breaks my heart. He cries hysterically and gags...

    I wish my dh was supportive of bedsharing....lol 

  • I am going to probably very poorly describe this... but here it goes...

    We took one of our receiving blankets and folded it in half twice, so it was long and narrow.  We laid DD down on it, lining it up against her back, with equal amount of fabric on the sides of her arms.  Then we lifted the fabric up under both armpits. With one side, we then layed it over her arm and tucked it under her back, then did the same to the other side.  (I hope this makes sense).  This way, her weight held it in place, she couldn't move her arms, but if she were to roll over, her arms were released.  Her legs are totally free with this, so if he has leg issues... this is no help haha.  GL!

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