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Help!!! Get motion sickness on rides since being pg : (

My daughter will be two in September and I haven't been on rides in so long! THis weekend we took her to an amusement park and I felt kind of motion sickness on the kid rides!!! I love love love rollercoasters and now I'm scared I won't be able to handle them anymore!  I'm hoping its just because its been so long since I've been on them and since she's so little I was focused on her while we were on the rides.  I was standing next to her on the carousel and it felt way faster then I remember!  Ha!  Has this happened to you since having your kids and did you overcome it?  

Re: Help!!! Get motion sickness on rides since being pg : (

  • are you pg now?  I do tons of rides with DD, even while I was pg I was able to get on most rides.  The carousel did make me a little nauseous when I was pg, but nothing too bad.
  • I used to love rollercoasters as a teenager, but I haven't been able to handle them in the past 8 years. My intolerance for them started before my first pregnancy though. Maybe it has to do with getting older? 
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  • Joy2611Joy2611
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    I think it has far more to do with getting older than pregnancy.  Both my sister and I stopped being able to handle rides in our twenties, long before kids came on the scene.  She's actually a bit worse in that she'll get car sick in certain situations, too.


    Getting older can suck.  :-)

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  • kaybe24kaybe24
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    I get carsick just from sitting in the car after having my baby.  Sometimes I just close my eyes until we get home.  I'm fine if I'm driving but not if I'm a passenger.  So many weird things happen after you have a baby!
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