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4 month appt

Just wondering, I know there are more shots at the 4 month appointment but should I expect the babies to be fussy after this one or not because they've already had the first round of these shots? Our boys did fine after their 2 month shots but just wondering what to expect since my SO is working so it would be just me that day and night and the next day and night. If they're going to possibly be fussy I would rather reschedule than take the chance.

Re: 4 month appt

  • We haven't had our four month yet, but my very good friend actually said that her LO did worse with the four month shots than the two. I'm sure that's not a blanket truth for every LO, but I don't think they get "immunity" from fussiness because of their previous shots. FWIW, my LO seemed fussy after his two month shots because his legs were achy and sore, not because of any certain ingredients in his body from the shots. So I take that to mean that the four month ones will bode very similarly for us.
  • Four month shots are the same immunizations as the 2 month just the next dose. I gave DD a dose of Tylenol right before (I asked the nurses for dosage and permission first) and then almost every 4 hours for about 18 hours. She seemed to run a slight fever but otherwise she did a lot better this go around than last time. FWIW I did both rounds of shots and the following hours all by myself. You will do well, mommas have super powers don't you know? Big Smile
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  • Thanks ladies. I don't mind doing it by myself but they wanted to be held and comforted right after the shots were done. It would be hard to comfort two by myself. I do a lot by myself with the babies but idk if dr visits are one that I want to attempt alone yet.
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    I had to do the two month appt alone so I asked a nurse to come in during the shots to help with the babies. They're me hold them still but she was ready to comfort the first one while I tended to the second one. Mine were both asleep in their seats when we left. It wasn't too bad.

    I am definitely taking reinforcements to this one as now they are much more vocal and alert so just in case. Ours is Wednesday morning so I am dreading that.
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  • Just had our appt yesterday and DS2 was super fussy all day. He also was a mess after his 2 month shots so I was expecting it.

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