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You gotta be kidding me

DD is 4 weeks old now and has been sick with a stuffy nose for 3 weeks. It has been so frustrating and every time I take her to the doc (3 times now) there's nothing they can do. Today was the 3rd appt. this time with a new doctor and she told me this is normal. LO's are stuffy for up to the first 4 months of life. Granted my LO is a little worse than others. She said to stop suctioning her nose and just use a humidifier. Grrrr I was hoping there was going to be more they could do for me, I'm tired of having a grumpy, sick sounding baby.
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Re: You gotta be kidding me

  • JNB0416JNB0416
    My DD has been super stuffy as well 5 weeks tomorrow, so while I don't have any advice, just wanted to commiserate with you! Curious why they told you to stop using the nose sucker? My LO has had some serious boogers come out and sounds terrible in the mornings before I use it! So far, I haven't seen much change at all from using the humidifier except that it makes the room so much more chilly!!... Hope both our LO's start feeling better soon!!
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  • My baby girl had this and it just recently stopped finally! She's 6 weeks tomorrow. It was so bad to the point where she had post nasal drip and was coughing. It sounded awful! They told me she's not really sick that its normal in newborns. My son never had that though so I wasn't expecting it. Anyway, hopefully your LO's stuffiness stops soon!
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  • Can you try some saline for babies?
  • We have used saline before. It doesn't do much more than the sucker. She doesn't want us using the sucker anymore because she says it will irritate her nose and cause inflammation making matters worse but if I see a giant booger I'm gonna get it! Lol
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  • image MamaAli0722:
    Can you try some saline for babies?


    this. It works great. Couple drops in each side, LO sneezes the boogies out...done deal.  

    Bradley Houston - 04.01.13
  • A little late posting this but my DD has the same thing and her pediatrician said saline drops in the nose or a few drops of breast milk would help clear it.
  • Our little lady is stuffy too. Ahh the joy of having a toddler to give her a cold.

    We raised up part of the crib and use saline spray to help her.
  • Saline and a NoseFrida.  Those bulb suction things are worthless.
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