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building a BM stash

For those moms going back to work and still breastfeeding, how did you build your stash when you were still breastfeeding while on leave? I think I'm a little behind the 8 ball on getting my stash ready since I go back to work next Tuesday... but I'm just curious. I'm not sure when I should be pumping. Should I just pump after every feeding? I have some milk frozen, but not very much at all. 
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Re: building a BM stash

  • I started by pumping an hour after his bedtime feeding. That was the longest reliable stretch of sleep.

    Some people do it after the first morning feed for supply reasons.

    I never did anything more than once at night before returning to work. I never used it while on leave so I had plenty. Then I pumped at work and at night and yielded more than he drank in a day for a while.

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  • We block feed, so in the morning when I am full on both sides, I can pump one side and then feed LO on the other.  I also sometimes pump after his last evening feed, since he won't be eating for a while.  Don't be discouraged if you don't get much at should come around!



  • My supply is always really good in the morning so I would pump one side and feed her the other. I still do that now that I'm back at work. I can easily get 5 oz from one side in the am.
  • DS usually eats off one side at night, so i set my alarm for 6 am and pump the side that's fullest and then he eats off the other side when he wakes. I've been getting about 4 oz a day

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  • We do one bottle in the morning to make sure she is used to a bottle when I go back to work.  Right now she drinks 3oz but I'm able to pump 5.5oz so I stash the leftovers.  I still have 7 weeks before I go back to build it up though.

  • You have the most milk in the morning, so I always pump then (just one side since my LO usually nurses one side at a time - if not pump both after you feed your baby).

    This time around I only pump in the morning and I started when he turned 2 months old. I go back to work when he is 3 months old. With my last LO, I pumped in the morning and right before I went to bed. This time I have only pumped in the morning, and I get about 5oz from one side.

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