Cabbage leaves?

Right now I'm very torn on if I should continue to pump or try to dry up my BM.  I delivered on Monday as a surrogate (so not nursing my baby) and planned to donate my BM.  Right now it's excruciatingly painful for my nipples, last night DH barely grazed them and it hurt so bad even though it was so light.  Besides the pain, it's just so inconvenient and I dread each pumping session.  On the flip side, it's healthy for me and for the babies that would get my milk (plus the milk bank will provide a little financial compensation for time and effort). 

Anyway, I've read that raw cabbage leaves help.  Do they just help with the pain of engorgement, or do they actually help to dry up the BM?

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Re: Cabbage leaves?

  • First of all: being a surrogate is already a big gift of your body, and if you decide that enough is enough, that is okay.

    IMO, cabbage leaves are just boob shaped ice packs. I know some people think they decrease milk supply, but I really can't imagine how. It's mostly for comfort. Have some advil for that, too. 

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    I thought they did nothing but help with pain, but I swear to you after weeks of being engorged from over supply cabbage leaves did the trick.


    To use cabbage leaves:

    • Green cabbage leaves may be used chilled or at room temperature.
    • Wash cabbage leaves and apply to breasts between feedings.
    • For engorgement or oversupply: Limit use as cabbage can decrease milk supply. Leave on for 20 minutes, no more than 3 times per day; discontinue use as soon as engorgement/oversupply begins to subside.
    • During the weaning process: Leave the leaves on the breast until they wilt, then apply new leaves as often as needed for comfort.

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