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Birth Story....PIP

Short Story:

Owen Parker was born at  11:31 pm April 29th. He was 8 lbs 4 oz and 20.5 " long.


Long Story: 

Sunday April 28th 3pm I went into the hospital to be induced. I was so scared I actually made my husband drive around town to waste a little time before we went.

I don't remember what time we actually started, but I believe it was just a few hours after we got there and finished all the paperwork.

There plan was to use four doses of cytotec to soften my cervix and then start pitocin the next morning. I was hooked up to all the monitors and asked if I was feeling those contractions. I didn't. 

The first night went fine. The contractions were very bearable. Every four hours they would give me a dose of cytotec. I ended up having to only have two of the four doses they had planned on giving me. I was about two centimeters when they started the pitocin that night. The contractions really picked up. They weren't bad but I still couldn't sleep through them.

I ended up taking a dose of stadol about every hour and a half and that let me sleep. My plan was to do that through most of the morning. It would let me sleep about an hour and then a big contraction would wake me up. It didn't work exactly like that because tons of family started to show up.

The contractions got really strong, but they were still not really that painful. I only felt them really low in my hip bones. As long as I would relax and breath through them I was fine. They were coming every one to three minutes now!

It was when people started really trying to talk to me is when I decided I couldn't handle them anymore. It wasn't that I couldn't handle the pain, because I was doing that just fine. I couldn't concentrate on my relaxing and breathing when I was being asked in the middle of a contraction if it hurt. I should of just asked them the leave but neither my husband or I had the heart to do it. I knew it would hurt their feelings, so I just didn't even bother. It was then that I decided to get an epidural. I didn't want one, but had told myself in the beginning that if I did get one it would still be okay.

Once the epidural was in, I became very sad. I was sad because I didn't know what my body was doing anymore. I hated it and told my best friend that I even missed the contractions. Well, it wasn't long before the epidural completely wore off on one side. They came in and redid it. This time it numbed all the way up to my chest. This is when things really started to suck. It was around 6 pm and I had really started to feel sick. I felt really sick! I'm sure I felt this way for a number of reasons. First, my blood pressure dropped to 80/50. So, they ran a bag of IV fluids through me. That made me really cold. My body was shaking uncontrollably. All of this craziness lasted for about three hours. I also believe a lot of that was caused by me being in transition. I was told about 9 pm that it could be about 12 more hours. So, I asked the nurse to check me. She did and I was at a 9 1/2! 

I had only been in active labor for about 3 hours. This is when things got real and I realized that my baby would be here soon. She wanted me to labor down for a few more hours to get the baby head further down in the birth canal. I didn't want to wait that long and asked here when I could start pushing. I was told she would let me try, but didn't think I was ready yet and she didn't want me to waste tons of energy pushing yet. So, she let me try and yelled at me to stop that she needed to go call the doctor! I must have been pushing better than she thought I could.

Oh, did I mention that my trusty epidural completely wore off at this point. I was feeling it all. But the contractions were still definitely manageable.

I ended up keeping my eyes closed the whole time and kind of going into my own little world the entire time I pushed. I only ended up pushing for 1 hour and 6 minutes total. I absolutely HATED the feeling of him coming through my pelvis. It didn't really hurt, it just felt so weird. We he started to crown I heard my best friend say "look I see hair", and I thought Dear God, I hope she's talking about the baby! It hurt when he crowned. I remember thinking that I didn't want to push him out, but I knew I HAD to and the sooner the better. I pushed as hard as I could. I could feel myself tear and it really stung. But his head was finally out and they yelled at me to stop pushing. 

We had been expecting a very large baby due to my gestational diabetes and knew that there was a chance he could become stuck. His chest had been measuring in the 98th percentile and they wanted to make sure that could take a little bit of time and get his shoulders out without injuring him. His cord ended up being wrapped around his neck pretty tightly. When the doctor started to move his cord, I guess I pushed and it snapped the cord in half. I didn't know this had happened because I still had my eyes closed. At that point they didn't have time to make sure his shoulders got out with out hurting him, because they had to get him out. The yelled at me to push as hard as I could and I did. With one big giant push and 11:31 pm he was out! 

Update from today: We went to the Doctor because he has really bad diaper rash. He is definitely growing...He's three weeks today and already weighs 9 lbs 14 oz! 







April 29, 2013
8 pound 4 ounces
20 1/2"

DX: 2001 Severe Endometriosis 
5/2006: BFP 5/2006: M/C
10/2008: TTC W/Severe Endo
1/2010: 6 cycles with Clomid=all BFN
9/5/2012: BFP

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