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Question for those who have done blw

At what age would you give your child a whole grape?

i personally would never blw, I have a terrible phobia of choking, but friends of ours do, and I guess I am just curious if giving things like grapes and hotdogs, ie foods that are easy to choke on, early is the norm.


I realize my tone my sound a bit judgemental, that completely isn't the case, just a curiousity, or attempt to understand.  Like I said, the idea really freaks me out, poor dd's food might as well be grated I still cut it so small, but I know I am overly paranoid, so I am certain people don't understand the way I feed her. 

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Re: Question for those who have done blw

  • I didn't BLW, but I did away with those purees by 10 months...  (so kind of did)  My kid had grapes cut in quarters until he was like 14 months old and in half until he was closer to 2. :)  I still don't give him round candy...



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    what is BLW?

    Baby Led Weaning pretty much skipping purees and introducing table food when baby is ready.
  • Whole grapes and other choking hazards are not included in BLW.
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  • I think that with foods like that, easy to choke on, common sense comes in and I'm not at all trying to be snarky this is really what I feel on the topic. I have not done BLW yet but I plan to and my understanding is you are not necessarily giving them "whole" pieces of food but fist sized so they can grab it and control what enters their mouth. If I were to give grapes they would definitely be cut up same goes with hot dogs I would cut them in strips rather than chunks.
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    image verovladamir:
    what is BLW?
    Baby Led Weaning pretty much skipping purees and introducing table food when baby is ready.


    Yeah, I realized that shortly after posting. lol

  • Good to know. Like I said, I don't want to judge other people's parenting, but I thought it was ridiculous to give an 8 month old a grape
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  • I started DD2 right on solids because she hated purees. I cut her grapes up until she was close to 3 and stopped eating grapes at all (neither of my kids eats grapes, I have no idea why). I still cut hot dogs for both kids (at this point I just slice them along the length to break the skin). No idea when I'll stop.
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  • On the opposite end of this conversation: Mom of the kids I nannied for still cuts grapes into quarters for the almost 9 year old even when the almost 9 year old asks for them whole. I only cut grapes for the kids when they asked me to, which was never. I did peal the skin off them for the littlest until she was about 20-22mos.

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  • I still cut DD1's grapes in half. I have no plans to stop anytime soon since she still occasionally chokes on things and throws up (most notably, apple skins when we have them at someone's house who doesn't peel them like I do). Recently she tried blueberries and I freaked out a little. A few years ago someone on TB linked an article about a woman whose son choked on a blueberry, had no oxygen for several minutes, and ended up brain damaged. She was appealing to parents to cut up all round foods that can get caught in the windpipe.

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  • We did BLW, but only with soft, easy to eat veggies - like potatoes, broccoli, cooked carrots, etc. We did do some round foods, like chick peas when he was older. 

    Basically LO ate our vegetable side for several months and then we added other things. 

    We are a veggie family, so DS1 didn't have any hotdogs (veggie dogs) until very recently at friends' birthday parties... He is 3. 

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  • I didn't stop cutting grapes until he was over age 2.  But he has always been a very, very careful chewer.  I can't believe he is 3 years old and I have never had to do back blows.
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