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Daytime eating schedule when LO SSTN?

Hi all,

i have a question for those of you breastfeeding whose babies SSTN (or are getting close to it.) As your LO's nighttime feedings spread out more, did you notice any changes in his or her daytime feeding schedule? Did those spread out as well, did baby start eating more frequently in the daytime to compensate, or was there really no change in the daytime feeding schedule? I have noticed that DS seems to eat less frequently during the day lately, and I'm wondering if this is conducive (or perhaps detrimental?) to the stretching out of those nighttime feedings. He is currently waking up twice a night to eat, but last night he woke up three times, blargh. I know he will SSTN when he is ready, I'm mainly just curious! 



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Re: Daytime eating schedule when LO SSTN?

  • We are down to one feed a night, sometimes STTN.  My LO's daytime feeding schedule stayed pretty much the same, but I noticed he eats for longer periods and that my supply has seemed to increase, so I am sure he is taking more in at each feed.  As long as your feedings are still baby-led, I'm sure he is just fine!



  • DS has sttn or at least huge 5+ hr stretches from day 1. I notice in him versus my first (who fed all night every night) that he feeds way more often during the day. I'd say he eats at least every 2 hours minimum and cluster feeds in the evening. 


    Layne-May 6, 2013

    Callie-February 14, 2011

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