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XP: What to Look for in Sick Baby

LO has had a dry cough and a bit of mucus the last few days; he's also been sleeping a lot more than usual and has some eye gunk going on.  He doesn't have a fever, is still eating well, and is having plenty of wet diapers.  I know it's probably just a basic cold (I just got over one last week), but what do I need to look for in terms of when to call his doctor, especially in regards to his cough?  It's his first cold so this is all new to me!



Re: XP: What to Look for in Sick Baby

  • My bug has the same thing and I took her in 'cuz I'm also a FTM and didn't know what to do. They said just keep an eye on her and check her temp daily. If breathing becomes labored, she spikes a temp, or the cough becomes persistent she needs to be seen again. They said to just do normal cold treatments and not to give her anything for cough or cold because she is too little. Tylenol if she seemed uncomfortable was the only thing they okay-ed. They suggested a cool mist humidifier and upping her liquids if possible. We've just been hanging out in a steamy bathroom if he congestion gets bad. So far so good. She's still happy as a clam so unless that changes I'm just trying not to worry too much.
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  • I don't have the answer, and PP seems to have you covered, but I just wanted to commiserate with you a little. Baby coughs are so sad! 
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  • If you talk to your doc I would ask about seasonal allergies too.  Don't know if they ca develop them this early but the symptoms sound like my hay fever.
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