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I have shingles.  F*ck.  My daughter is just over 2 months old and is too young to get chicken pox.  It's going to be a rough week trying to touch her as little as possible considering she won't take a bottle so I still have to nurse.  My doctor said she's never seen a new mom get shingles before so she didn't really have advice for me.

Anyone have experience with shingles with a newborn? 

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Re: Shingles

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    I had shingles when DS was around 7 months old. I was told that as long as he didn't touch the infected area, he'd be fine. They were wrapped around my back and belly so I just made sure to wear a nursing tank when I fed him and I washed my hands a lot. I also took an anti-viral which was safe for breastfeeding. I couldn't take any strong pain meds because I was nursing but Ibuprofen around the clock seemed to help me. Hope you feel better!

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  • Thank you!  This was incredibly helpful.  I am also on an anti-viral that is an L2 category so it's considered safe for breastfeeding.  I have 2 nursing tanks so I'll be doing a lot of laundry until I'm not contagious anymore and I'm washing my hands all the time.
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  • I am also on the March 2012 board and believe last year we had a Mom get shingles. Try posting over there, she is a regular poster.
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  • I would be careful about some of the medications for shingles suppression. My sister in law was in a similar situation and her physician recommended a medication for suppressing the virus so she wouldn't pass it on to her son.

    She ended up in the hospital with a bad reaction to the medication and later found out that many others had a similar reaction.

    Look at the side effects in this study:

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