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excessive weight gain

I'm feeling really frustrated and confused because I have been eating pretty healthy and consistently gaining around 5lb a week in my third trimester. It doesnt make a difference if I eat bad one week or eat really healthy I still gain the same! So basically I feel like I have no control and the worst part is my baby is fairly small 17th percentile and has been being monitored to make sure the placenta is properly working so far they say she is doing fine Also I have no swelling so its not just weight from that even. So basically im uncontrollably gaining weight while my baby isnt gaining enough. I'm going to ask my doctor about why I'm gaining weight today at my appointment but I'm just really stressed and worried something is wrong with me or her. My baby's abdomen is the only thing growing too slow which is why the doctor was concerned the placenta wasn't working and my mom was thinking maybe something is wrong causing my body to take the food I'm eating and not giving enough to her or something. So I'm really worried about my daughter and also just feeling helpless : I just wanted to get some opinions before my appointment today because im really nervous

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  • I don't have any advice. Just wanted to say good luck and hopefully everything is fine.
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  • I don't have any idea about the weight, obviously chat with your doctor.

    My LO#1 was being observed for the same thing and once a higher level u/s (and something else that I don't remember but it was done at the same time with the same tech) checked the placenta and cord and found both to be doing great, everyone calmed down a lot.

    I just came from a follow up growth scan with this LO.  He was 50 percentile ( and just above) for all his measurements 4 weeks ago but now his abdomen is measuring around the 20th percentile.  My OB hasn't reviewed the ultrasound yet but I am pretty sure I am to schedule an in depth look into it.

     Wow long post to say, good luck and I hope everything works out!

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  • Some women just gain and retain weight--the amount you gain doesn't always correlate either with how easy or hard it will be to lose it after the birth. S many factors, including your weight before pregnancy, etc, impact it. If dr isn't concerned (many get stress about weight) and all tests and such are normal, you're probably fine...and baby too! Some babies are just small. DD was born 3 days before due date, under 7 lbs (small for my family) and has remained on the low end of the growth chart. She is totally healthy though. As long as baby is on THEIR growth curve, all is well. Also, babies are like parasites--they will take nutrients first. A long as you are eating a healthy variety of foods, LO is getting just what is needed. Hopefully talking with your dr will ease your mind! GL!
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  • I'm really sorry you are going through this. It sounds like you are doing all you can within reason. Please try not to beat yourself up. Ask your doctor and let them investigate any issues further. It sounds worrisome but please take care of yourself and try not to worry yourself into a state.

    Sending you lots of positive thoughts and warm vibes that nothing is seriously wrong with you or your LO's health.
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  • Has your doctor said anything up to this point? Other than about the baby being on the smaller side? If not I would try not to stress too much. Discuss it with him going forward, but don't dwell on it. We all gain differently. I have been gaining 3 a week the last few weeks.
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  • redaeroredaero
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    Sounds like you need to have a more in-depth discussion with your OB. 5lbs a week is more than expected -- are you having any issues with swelling (could it be water retention)? Are your blood pressures okay? (A lot of weight gain in a short period of time could mean there's a problem with that.)

    If those things aren't the issue, maybe try a food journal for a week? Track what your actual calorie intake is. Then maybe bring the journal to your next appt. and ask the doc to evaluate it for you. It's still possible to overdo things with healthy foods.

    Also, it's worth saying that if there's an issue with baby's growth, and your weight gain is fine, then there's no reason to blame yourself. Your body isn't "stealing" anything from your baby -- growth restriction usually comes down to something going on with the placenta, since that's baby's only point of exchange with you. GD or high blood pressures can cause problems with placental blood flow, or maybe there's some other reason the placenta just isn't as healthy as it could be. It's not always something you have any control over, though, so don't beat yourself up! Ask your doc to explain what he/she thinks is going on.

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  • That sounds like me last time. I literally ate well and exercised, but still gained 50 lbs and my daughter was tiny. She weighed 6 lbs 10 oz at 41 1 weeks when she was born. But she was and is perfectly healthy, just a petite little girl. She's about to turn 3 and is 28 lbs. I am eating and exercising the same amount and have gained just over 30 this time at 39 weeks. Some times your body just gains and retains weight differently. I really wouldn't worry.
  • Thank you everyone, I talked to my doctor and I am being tested for preeclampsia so tomorrow I should hopefully have more answers but baby is still doing good so that's the most important thing!
  • IDK if you maybe got some answers but I will say, last pregnancy I gained about 40 lbs. I felt like Baby must be huge. He ended up being 7lbs 2oz and looked even smaller. The nurses were guessing his weight at under 7.

    This time I think I put on even more weight, on top of not losing it all before (UGH), although doctor insisted I am gaining perfectly by the book. And my gut feeling is this baby will be even smaller.

    Monitoring can be off, I wouldn't worry too much. Also 17th percent is within normal range, not an outlier. Probably fine even if true! Or Baby could be much bigger.

    Also, a lot of your weight gain could be water weight even if it doesn't necessarily look like it. 

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