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Do you do them? If so what are your favorites and least favorites?

For the last couple of parties we have been too, I have to say I have hated them. On Saturday at 1st bday party, DD got a little sand bucket filled with bubble gum, hard candy, and a bunch of other little odds and ends she can't have. Thankfully I had some thing in my purse to put in but it would have been easier not to have it all.

I ask bc I am thinking of DD's 2nd bday party and not sure of party favors. For her 1st we did the large swirl lollipops, this year not sure. Theme is minnie mouse but there will be boys and girls there.

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Re: Party Favors

  • My LO is turning 1 next month.  I just did bubbles as favors.  She loves them! :) 
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  • Personally, I'm not a huge fan of edible party favors (but I know I'm in the minority).  I think it's hard with the little ones to know what they eat/what they're allowed to eat. 

    So far my favorite party favors have been - a little reuseable bag and snack container, sunglasses, and bubbles.  

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    I really think you do need to do party favors.  Kids expect them and like them.  I don't like edible favors either.  I did a stuffed animal (Cat in the Hat) in a bucket/pail (I also had a notepad and pencil) for my DS's first birthday party.
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    You could also do a book (affordable one), instead of buying a bunch of $1 items.
  • I think favors are fun.  We've been to a handful of parties and the favors have all been age appropriate for my LO.  I think they're fun but not expected by any means.
  • Have you checked the Disney store website? What about water bottles/glasses? 

    We've done sunglasses, big containers of chalk for outside, echo microphones, instruments (from the Melissa & Doug kit), pirate hats & gold coins, capes...but there were for Sunshine party, Musical Jamboree, Pirate party, Superhero party... 

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  • We are also doing a Minnie Mouse second birthday. I was going to do large sugar cookies for a favor. We will have guests six months to eight years and I hate shopping for similar themed and priced but age appropriate favors. Last year we did a whale theme and did a pale, goldfish, bubbles, and a sea creature bath toy. I have seen Minnie bubbles and art packs.
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  • I always give them, they are fun and the kids expect them.

    For the 1st bday (dinosaur theme) we gave dinosaur bath squirters and soft softball for boys; princess accessories for girls (& candy for all)

    For the 2nd (Thomas the train) we just gave bubbles but we had a big cookie/candy bar with bags for the guests to fill and take home and a pinata filled with play food, animals and magnets

    Some favors my DS has gotten that he liked best were bubbles, coloring book, edible favors, any kind of car

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  • I make different party favours for each kid attending my party based on their age group and have the same bag or container for everyone.

     We did Mickey Mouse clubhouse this year.  Most of the toddlers got: Bubbles, crayons, these MM fruit crisps: , Mickey Mouse Playdoh kit and the girls got Minnie Mouse sunglasses and the boys got a hotwheel.

  • I got really lucky at a local discount store near me, I found Mickey Mouse Clubhouse coloring books for a $1.00 each, they had some with Mickey on the front for the boys and some with Minnie and Daisy for the girls - SCORE!!! I have a friend making bows for the girls to clip to the coloring books now just something little for the boys.
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  • When I think of Minnie and Mickey I think of those iconic hands/gloves.  What about giving these hand clackers to the boys?


  • I usually hate favors. I don't need any crappy plastic toys and I don't want my kid to have a bunch of sugar.

    I didn't do favors for the 1st birthday but we did themed stickers and crayons for the 2nd. I like consumables (bubbles, playdoh, markers) and books for favors.


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  • We had favors. Her party was rainbow/unicorn themed so I had big rainbow swirl lollipops tied up with a little rubber duckie that was a rainbow unicorn and a pennant with each child's name. We also had bubbles for all the kids and I made coloring books that were themed for her party.

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  • I think party favors are a must for children. It is so exciting for them to have a little something. Bubbles are always a hit especially since summer is coming. This year I think I am going to get personalized boxes of Goldfish as a favor. DD1 is going to be three and I think this is such a cool idea. What toddler doesn't like goldfish? Edibles are better than toys, IMO, because you don't have to worry about getting things that may not be age appropriate for all of the children.
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