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2 things: tips for switching formula and a rice cereal survey

Any tips for switching formulas?  DD has been on Neosure for the past 2 months and has now been cleared by the pedi to go to regular formula.  I asked if I needed to wean her off the old stuff and the pedi said she probably wouldn't notice the difference and not to worry about it.  Is this your experience too?  I have a bunch of samples of the regular Similac and the sensitive Similac so I was going to start with the regular.  If it works out, I may look into the generic version.  Does anyone know what the generic version of Similac is?

Also, my pedi said that by the time DD comes back for her 4 month appt, I should have begun trying rice cereal with her, on a spoon in her high chair, not in her bottle.  Does this seem early to anyone else?  For those who have already introduced rice cereal, when did you do it and did you use a bottle or go straight to a spoon? 

Re: 2 things: tips for switching formula and a rice cereal survey

  • I cant help with switching formulas but my ped told me on Friday that next month if her appt goes well that we would start on food... i assume he means cereal.  She will be 4mos then

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  • When the twins came home from the NICU, they were on high cal formula to supplement. The doctor switched them at 4months, I think, to "regular" formula, which I buy at Costco. I pretty much did it cold turkey, we used the rest of the high cal that we had on hand (I actually later found another case shoved in our pantry. Ugh!) and then went straight to the generic brand. We never had any issues at all with the change. 

    I am unsure on the rice cereal thing...We used it early on in bottles because of horrid reflux, but didn't spoon feed it at all. Rice cereal has little to no nutritional value. When we started the girls on cereal, we went straight to infant oatmeal. I think the whole rice cereal thing is part of the "great debate", and frankly, I would say go with your gut. Our girls started showing an interest in food at around 4.5-5 months, so we have been giving them each a pouch of puree a day. They love it. Right at 4 months though? They were sooo not ready.

    Good luck mama!  

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    I can't help with the formula question but yes, 4 months does seem early for cereal. We waiting to start solids until 6 months and even then we skipped cereal all together. I know there are some that say its ok to put cereal in a bottle but I have always heard it was a choking hazard. I've only used a spoon for any type of food. 

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  • image Shaungela:
    I cant help with switching formulas but my ped told me on Friday that next month if her appt goes well that we would start on food... i assume he means cereal.  She will be 4mos then

    No advice on the formula. But our pedi offered the choice, if we wanted, to start rice at our 4 months apt.

    ETA: I think it is way too young for food and we will not give him rice cereal or oats, etc.

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    We are using very small amounts of rice cereal in B's bottles to help with reflux. When I took him to the pedi about his reflux, she wanted to start with the rice cereal before trying a prescription medication.

    We started out putting it in every bottle, but he was really struggling/ in pain with poops, so I scaled it back to every other bottle, and that seems to work well in both controlling his reflux and keeping his poops regular and comfortable for him.

    I only use about a tablespoon of cereal to 5 oz of formula.

    As far as switching the formula goes, we started with Gerber (what we got in the hospital after B was admitted for his weight loss at his 5 day check up). DH and I both hated it, and it gave B horrid gas, so we switched to Earth's Best Organics- first their Sensitive and then their Soy. We didn't wean, but it did take B about a week or so before we noticed a real change for the positive.

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  • DD has always had Similac after I weaned, but there was a short period of time where we suspected a milk allergy (we were incorrect, but I digress)  so we tried Alimentum--rejected it flat out, then Neocate---rejected it flat out.

    I think Similac, in theory, tastes better, but I would suggest mixing 1/2 and 1/2 for a while until completely switching, just to appease her palate.

    As for the rice cereal, I don't think introducing them to solids is this hard and fast age idea.  I think it is when they show readiness.  Do they sit up on their own?  Is the tongue thrust reflex gone?  Do they seem interested in food?  etc.

    We started DD on baby oatmeal at 4.5 months because she was MORE than ready at that point.

    You go straight to a spoon. 


  • image hopefulmom81:

    I think it is when they show readiness.  Do they sit up on their own?  Is the tongue thrust reflex gone?  Do they seem interested in food?  etc.

    Hailey doesnt sit up on her own but shes getting there. And shes very interested in food.

    What is the tongue thrust reflex? 


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  • Missa_gMissa_g
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    We switched from Neosure to Similac Advance in December. I started an ounce at a time, so 7oz Neosure and 1 Advance. I increased it pretty much every day so in a little over a week they were fully on Advance. I just made sure to use up the Neosure we had left since its so expensive. We had no problems and my boys love the taste. If I remember correctly we ended up offering an ounce more of the Advance per bottle pretty quickly. I'm unsure if it was a growth spurt or if it doesn't fill them up quite as much.

    4m, IMO, is too young for cereal. When you factor a preemie into the mix I think it's definitely too young. There is absolutely zero reason to start that early. IMO food, unless there is a weight gain issue, is a parenting issue not a medical one.
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  • I used to switch cold turkey, never noticed a difference.

    Before 4 months seems early, most of what I've read says 4 months earliest, but even more say 6 mos, when the baby is developmentally ready.

    Also, rice cereal is very difficult on their little systems.  I started DS at 6 mos on a vegetable and I'm doing that again.  (FWIW, my ped also said to start with rice at 4 mos, but a lot of my friends had problems with rice)

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  • We waited till 6 months to try ANY solids. I have given her rice cereal twice and both times were on a spoon mixed with fruit, but I don't plan on using it that often. 

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  • I would not listen to a pedi who told me to feed rice cereal to a baby before 4 months of age....

    We opted to skip rice cereal and went to baby oatmeal, started offering once a week at 4 months and once a day when LO started actually being interested in eating, around 5.5 months.  

    Rice cereal has essentially no nutritional value.  (oatmeal isn't much better, but a little bit).

    And never put cereal in a bottle unless it's specific for reflux.


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  • I can't answer your formula question, but the new guidelines for at least a couple years now (right from the AAP) say that solids should be introduced at 6m or later. We also skipped rice cereal--there's no real nutritional value, it causes constipation, and tastes pretty bad.  Instead we did organic baby oatmeal.
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  • No advice on the formula but we didn't start any solids until 6m, I believe that is what the AAP recommends. I would go straight to spoons, I don't think they recommend putting it in a bottle anymore. 
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  • morkmork
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    When we switched F (from regular Similac to Enfamil gentlease, and she was getting 2 F bottles per day, the rest BM) we did it cold turkey. She didn't have any issues. 

    We started rice cereal in small amounts at 5.5 months, just to get her used to the spoon idea. She only had a couple spoonfuls once a day for a couple weeks before we started pureed veggies. We've never put anything but BM or F in her bottles.  

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  • Our girls were on Neosure for 2m and then were cleared for Similac. We switched to Similac Sensitive since they have reflux which, for M, worked great (P ended up with MSPI and is on Alimentum now). After about a month we decided to give the Target brand of Similac Sensitive a try b/c is MUCH cheaper. Like, a double size tub is half the price of the regular tub of the brand name. M's done great with it and I think it actually is a little less foamy which helps with gas.

    As for the cereal we're gonna hold off until 6m so I'm not much help there.

  • I have no formula experience.


    Re: the rice question, there seems to be a difference of opinions across pedi's.  My pedi told me I could intro rice at 4 months if I wanted to but it wasn't necessary b/c DD was still getting everything she needed from the BM.  I read info that made me decide to hold off until 6 months to start introducing solids.  And I didn't start with rice.  I started with butternut squash, and then oatmeal, then other fruits/veg's.  I don't think I gave her rice until she was 10 months old!  FWIW, DD is now 2 and eats just about everything (except avocado and cottage cheese).

    I was told the cereal in the bottle was not safe, so I started her spoon practice with her on my lap with breast milk, to get her used to eating off the spoon.  By the time I started her on squash a couple weeks later she knew exactly what to do!   

    Good luck mama!  You'll figure out what works best for you and DD!


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  • Mmm79Mmm79
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    No advice on the formula, since we EBF, but as for the pedi didn't say anything about that at our 2 month appointment.  I thought solids were introduced between 4 and six months, not before.  But maybe rice cereal isn't considered a "solid"?  At this point, I don't plan on introducing solids until 6 months.  

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